Top US attorney gives lunchtime speech from San Diego, California

Dr Wendy Patrick used a backdrop of the V&A in Dundee

Zooming in from San Diego

We were delighted to have US attorney Dr Wendy Patrick Zooming in live from San Diego, California for our first lunchtime meeting of 2021.

Dr Patrick, a Rotarian in San Diego, makes frequent appearances on US tv news channels as a commentator on legal matters.

Making light of the eight hour time difference from more than 5000 miles away, the prosecutor, author and motivational speaker generously agreed to zoom in at 5am her time for our 1pm start on the video conferencing app.

Displaying impressive research skills, she even took the trouble of downloading an image of the V&A in Dundee for the backdrop of an introductory video she presented for our club members.
Her speech, The Bonding Power of Social Distancing: How Staying Apart Brought Us Closer Together was a thought-provoking analysis of human behaviour during the restrictions we are enduring as a result of the Covid pandemic.
She spoke of how social distancing made us realise how much we miss the hustle and bustle of daily life.
To Illustrate the point, she showed images of a deserted V&A forecourt and a crowded restaurant with the caption `What Do You Miss and Why,’ and then switched to an empty Albert Square with an isolated McManus Galleries, with the comment `Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.’