What is this, and how can we use it to raise money for Shelterbox?

What is this, and how can we use it to raise funds for the charity Shelterbox?

Our member Paul Weatherill is building a boat, incorporating a Shelterbox, which he plans to sail from Great Yarmouth to Norwich in the summer of 2021 to raise awareness and funds for the Shelterbox Charity. This international charity  was formed in the UK by Rotarians to provide emergency shelter and the means to survive for families who find themselves in disaster zones around the world, whether that is through natural disasters or human conflict.

 A Shelterbox is basically a large box, containing among other things, a tent which will accommodate a family of ten, cooking utensils and a stove, blankets and a water purifier. These are delivered directly to where they are needed with the help of the worldwide network of Rotary Clubs.

Further progress reports will follow.

If you wish to support Paul in his endeavours with a donation to this very worthy cause, simply follow this link: