Festive Afternoon Tea 2020

Many festive afternoon Teas were distributed around the Nuneaton and Bedworth area during December 2020 by members of the Rotary Club of Nuneaton.

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Festive Afternoon Tea December 2020

On Sunday Dec 20th our Rotary Christmas Tea deliverers set off at 2 pm to bring a bit of cheer to 50 local people.

All of them had been nominated by individuals or organisations as needing a treat.

For example:

"My next door neighbour is 83 and his wife died last year.' There is just him and his dog."

"My elderly neighbour....I can't count the times we have needed her help over the years. Now I want to repay her kindness".

"She has been isolated for more than 37 weeks with her disabled daughter but is always happy and friendly"

"They went the extra mile during the first lockdown and are still doing it today."

"She is 88 and cares for her daughter."

How do the Amazon drivers do it? Finding our way to the various addresses was a real challenge but it was worth it to bring a treat to all the nominees. Some of them were glad of a chat as well ….Robert did not get home until nearly 5 o'clock having spent well over 20 minutes on the doorstep in some places!

A big thank you must go to Asda and Horestone Grange Co-op for their generous donations. That afternoon brought us a lot of new friends and a lot of Christmas cheer.

Report kindly provided by Rotarian Liz Lloyd.