2021 FTSE 100 Competition

Who knows what will happen to the stock market next? You can be seen to be the investment guru in this fun competition. Entries close Friday 29th January 2021

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The Rotary Club of West Fife FTSE 100 Competition 2021
(a fund raising idea successfully inaugurated in 2007 by founding member Cliff Mackenzie)

1.    We invite you to test your vision and prediction skills in a competition based on the FTSE 100 listing, over a three month period.  This competition is open to all.

2. The competition will run for a period of three months from the first trading day of February 2021 until the close of market on the last trading day of April 2021.

3. The entrance fee is £10, preferably by bank transfer but by cheque if preferred.  
See Entry Form. FTSE_Entry_Form_2021.xlsx
FTSE_100_ENTRY_FORM_2021.pdf - use only if xslx file above will not work for you

    4.    Each competitor will be given a notional £50,000 to invest in companies within the FTSE 100 listing.  Entrants have to invest the full £50,000 into a maximum of ten shares but where that is not possible due to the share price/number of shares purchased, the residual must be less than £10.  No more than £12,500 can be held in one share.  No trading is allowed during the competition.

    5. An electronic entry form must be submitted for each entry. This will show the price per share for each of the companies in the “FTSE 100 Listing” as at 8th January 2021 which will be the buying price.

    6. To complete the entry form, enter:
    A. Your Name and email address.
    B. Name you wish displayed in weekly results update.
    C. The number of shares to be bought in each company.
    (cost price of the shares is as on 9th January 2021)

    [The program will automatically calculate and display the total sum invested, but should not exceed £50,000.]  If one or more company falls out of the FTSE 100 it will be treated as if it were still in the FTSE 100. 
    No account will be taken of dividends, only share valuations.

    7    Entries must be completed and forwarded to FTSE100@rcwf.co.uk  by Friday 29th January 2021.  Once selections are made no change can be made to your portfolio.

    8    Prizes will be awarded to the contestants who have made the highest gain over the period or in the event of there being no gain the least loss will deemed to be the winner.  The ‘wooden spoon’ will go to the contestant who has shown the lowest gain or the greatest loss over the period [whichever is appropriate].
    1st prize: £250,
    2nd prize: £150,
    3rd prize: £ 75,
    4th prize: £ 25,
    Wooden Spoon: Bottle of malt whisky

    9    Unlike in our previous competitions, the gain will be measured from the value of your shares at the commencement of business on Monday 1st February 2021.  This means that gains or losses before then won’t be counted.  Weekly progress reports will be circulated by email. 
    The first report will be made as at close of business on Friday 6th February 2021.

    10   Leaders will also be displayed on this website on a weekly basis.

    FTSE_100_ENTRY_FORM_2021.pdf - use only if xslx file will not work for you

    Privacy Notice: Email addresses will be kept confidential via BCC communications, will not be given to third parties and will not be used for any other purpose.