Little Faces School

Soar Valley help to support the Little Faces school in Kenya

Little Faces school development

As here Kenya has suffered from the Covid19  outbreak, the country has gone into lockdown and this has caused major hardship to our children at the school and families around the school. I have attached a link to a video I have put together explaining and giving an insight as to the problems and the help that has been received during the Covid outbreak.


The Kenyan government has finally given a return date for schools to re-open on 4th. January 2021 (this has been changed many times so not holding my breath). The intention is for children to return on a part time basis to begin, with last year’s curriculum being repeated, (as the school closed in March this does make sense).

We do not yet know how many children have left the area, if any,  I will update sponsors as soon as we have news and are able to send out updates.

Sally has been very busy with finalising  funding for the new school and problems with the contractors ( finally sorted) this has hampered our news updates .

I have attached the latest news of the build from Sally and we should have the first floor of the school ready for the return of the children in January.

Sally has been magnificent (as usual sorting everything out ) and it came as a great relief when the foundations were started (even this was delayed)


We now have a new website (I told you Sally has been busy) Link below


All we need to do now is to raise enough to complete the final 2 floors then  Sally and I can have a rest ( details of fundraising and sponsorship available in the links).

Hope that you all stay safe and hopefully life can soon return to some sort of normality