Thank you Hucknall Christmas 2020

Rotary Santa Sleigh. This year Hucknall people donated nearly £2000.00.
Thank you from the Rotary Club, it will all be given back to support Hucknall.

For many years, the Rotary Club of Hucknall has helped Santa Claus to see and chat with the children of the town. He has always shared his chocolates with the children too. This usually takes place in the town centre and outside supermarkets. Unfortunately, he has not able to do this in the same way this year as he needed to keep a good social distance. 

2020 has been tough for most people, but especially for very young children who perhaps do not fully understand why everyone is behaving differently and that we cannot do all of the things that we used to do. In order for the children to be able to meet Santa this year, he visited almost all of the primary schools in Hucknall.



We have provided over 3,000 selection boxes and sweets to 11 schools as well as chocolates and biscuits for the school’s staff.


117 Christmas presents for children whose family’s are struggling and 40 Christmas boxes for elderly and vulnerable people in Hucknall.


We have visited 6 Care Homes, entertained and donated chocolates, biscuits and dementia mitts. 

Hucknall Rotary put together 90 Xmas toy gift bags which were donated over Christmas via the Hucknall Baptist Church and Hucknall Food Bank working together to support those who need help the most.


Our Santa Sleigh project couldn’t have gone ahead without the amazing support from volunteers who helped with towing the sleigh and supporting us by having collecting tins.


A big thank you must also go to Notts. County Council for their generous grant which enabled us to put a smile on so many faces.

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Supporting Christmas Wreath Festival 2020

Rotary Santa Sleigh. This year Hucknall people donated nearly £2000.00. Thank you from the Rotary Club, it will all be given back to support Hucknall.


Every 1st Wednesday in December Hucknall holds a Christmas Festival a great family event. Organised by Hucknall Rotary in partnership with Ashfield District Council


Summary of Funding and Donations


We held a games day at Hucknall Leisure Centre in partnership with Ashfield District Council, Everyone Active and Portland College The aim to give special education needs children and older adults the opportunity to participate in a fun team day


Hucknall Rotary held their first Community Day on the old Market Place 33no local charities and community groups taking part. It was a great success and well supported the aim was to raise the profiles of groups and showcase local talent.

Community Games

Summary of recent Activities and Events

Hucknall rotarians pictured at the Inaugural meeting on 2nd March 1926

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