Working with the Community/ Somerset Computers for Home Learning

Inspired by recent demands for computers for home learning, a local group has come together to get students learning on-line. Donate your computer or lap top now. All data is cleaned, computer restored and sent to children for home learning.

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Time Finch and a team of volunteers which includes his own children are working with local schools to restore and refurbish donated laptops and computers for children without these resources. 

Getting on-line is crucial for home learning and essential for parents struggling with competing demands. 

This fantastic scheme inspired by Tim, Dan and Simon, all specialists in IT is doing something practical and immediate for our community. 

Donate your lap top or computer now. The equipment is refurbished, cleaned and restored with appropriate software. So far 50 laptops have been donated and 30 are already back out in our community. All time is given free and any donations go towards items necessary for up-dating equipment, software and volunteer travel.

Be assured your personal data will be wiped clean. Tim and his colleagues are specalists, giving of their time, skills and expertise to help others.

The Club has donated £500 to this cause. If you don't have a computer to give, then make a donation.

Find out more at Somerset Computers for Home on-line learning (SCHol).