Press Release

Our cub's collaboration with Worthing Speakers' Club

Press release

Worthing Speakers Club recently started a collaboration with tjhe Rotary Club of Worthing. The Speakers Club was delighted to welcome two members of Rotary, who gave a speech about their community and youth work.

Sam keet, President of Worthing Speakers Club said "We  were so pleased to wwelcome several members of the Rotary Club to our meetings recently.  Both clubs provide wonderful opportunities for people in Worthing to virtually 'meet' new people.  We welcome all guests to join us in a Zoom meeting  - you are bound to learn something and enjoy yourself!"

Haydn Smith President of the Rotary Club said  "In these difficult times it is so important that the community keeps together and assists others who need help. Worthing Rotary Club is dedicated to this task.....come and join us."