We've been recycling for years. Various items are collected by the Club, and then passed on to organizations, including the Leprosy Mission here in Peterborough, for them to re-use or turn into cash..


We collect:

Old Postcards

Coins (old British coins, old and current Foreign coins)

Used Stamps


(These items all go to the Leprosy Mission charity, based here in Peterborough.  They sell the items on to raise cash to support their work)

Used Printer Cartridges (These are sent to The David School charity, which is able to sell batches for recycling of materials and reconditioning, and so raise cash.  This supports the work of the school which educates over 400 girls and boys in Sierra Leone)

Spectacles (These are sent overseas, via Boots Chemists, and used by people who would otherwise struggle without glasses)

Please let us know - using the "Club Contact Form" on this website - if you have items we can use.