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This is an update from the correspondent of Inner Wheel Club of Sandbach

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Annually, Inner Wheel Clubs all over the world celebrate the ‘The world Inner Wheel Day’ on 10th January. As well as a Church Service Inner Wheel members perform service to the vulnerable members of the local community.  Our club in the past visited the Leonard Cheshire Disability, Sandbach. Restriction for visiting due to health and safety concerns, we had to stop the visits.

A little history about the origin of the Inner Wheel Day. 

“In 1968 Past President Mrs. Helena Foster, another of the great ladies of Inner Wheel was the Vice-President of IIW when she had a simple but brilliant idea. She suggested the World Inner Wheel Day was held annually on January 10th – the day that the Manchester Club, England, adopted the name Inner Wheel.  I am sure there is inspiration and encouragement to be gained in the knowledge that your fellow members throughout the world are at that moment joined together to extend service and friendship. Since that day the volume of service performed on January 10th demonstrates annually what Inner Wheel is all about”. (Taken from ‘Friendship through Service’ by Kathleen Hovey).

This year on 11th January, 11.00am our District Inner Wheel Day service was held in Buxton Methodist Chapel instead of Manchester. District 5 along with District 128 members attended the service (virtually). Lighting of the Friendship candle was followed by Readings ‘Time for Memories’, stories and prayers as well as the District Choir which included some members of our club.  It was a beautiful Service.

Inner Wheel Convention -2021

We look forward to the 18th International Inner Wheel Convention, virtually, on April 17th and 18th 2021 in Jaipur, known as the ‘Pink City’, India. It promises to be enjoyable, in a setting of colour and culture.  All this and entertainment await many of us, who have registered to attend the convention, virtually of course. I will be happy to report on the convention in April.

Lalita Unnithan

Club Correspondent