Mar 2021 Girton Memory Cafe Zoom - 10th Birthday Coffee Morning.

Fri 5th March 2021 at 11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Our first Zoom Get-to-gether. See Email for the link.

Our 10th Birthday cake.

The 5th March 2021 is the tenth Anniversary of the Girton Rotary Memory Cafe.

This gathering is for anyone attached to the Cafe who fancies a Zoom get-to-gether.

Since Covid struck we have of course not been able to meet and really miss the fun, atmosphere and great refreshments that our monthly meetings would usually include.

The entertainment team are very keen to brush up their costumes and get rehearsing again.

If all goes well, when all the UK adults have been fully vaccinated, we will be up and running again.

Perhaps August or September 2021 ??  Or even sooner ??  Planning is in full swing.

Stay in touch and don't lose sight of our future successes.