Westbury Rotary Online BINGO!

Fri, Mar 12th 2021 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Westbury Rotary are holding an "Online Bingo Evening"

Club members please log in for more information.

Westbury Rotary held an Online Bingo Evening on 12th March 2021

It was a virtual evening using the ZOOM facility and open to all comers, even those outside WIltshire.  We're quite cosmopolitan nowadays.

We had over 36 entries and a great sense of fun and frovolity lasted the whole evening!

We had a couple of minor hiccups with printer settings and other mionor details but Sean Price, our MC for the evening soon had everyone under control.  We played 2 games with 3 prizes per game.  The lucky winners opted for the wine prizes less one winner who was slightly under age.  That person's parents played for her in case the Gaming and Lotteries Police are out.

The entry fees were very modest and there were prizes for the lucky winners.  The prizes, no money but prizes none-the-less, will be deivered to/collected by the lucky recipients in line with current CoVid regulations.

The caller for the evening was Westbury's erstwhile Town Crier, Sean Price Esq.  He entertained us with witty banter whilst calling out the lucky numbers.  I think that he probably looked on the evening as "herding cats!" but he performed admirably.

Westbury Rotary enjoyed seeing people from far and wide.  

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