Community Wealth Building

A fairer local economy

Community Wealth Building: a people-centred approach to local economic development.

The concept is to stop wealth flowing out of our communities, towns and cities by places control of this wealth into the hands of local people, communities, businesses and organisations, thereby reorganising local economies to be fairer to all.

Enhancing economic and community development, and providing opportunities for decent and productive work for people both young and old is essential. By focusing on economic and community development, we are able to break the cycle of poverty which affects so many people. 

When building opportunities, sustainability is key, creating not only an initial impact through training and equipment provision, but allowing for ongoing skills development and aspirations from creative thinking in a socially supportive environment. Helping to develop local entrepreneurs and community leaders will strengthen our society and deliver a vibrant community for all, creating a healthy, socially minded economy here in Redditch. 

Meeting monthly you will have opportunity to share ideas, hear from a wide range of speakers and connect with others, helping you as you develop your Redditch business with a social conscience. 

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