Over £10,000 has already been raised towards this project.

Bissi & Friends

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Thanks to over 100 generous donors, over £10,000 has already been raised towards this project. 

The site has now been cleared and building will start when the rainy season in Uganda ends. We do need more funds to furnish and provide further latrines, for example, but it’s a fantastic start and a huge THANK YOU to all who have contributed to date.

If you would like to donate or find out more about the project, visit


Kinver and Bewdley Rotary Clubs have joined forces in a crowd funding campaign to fund an eco-friendly dormitory for vulnerable girls in Kititi in S.W. Uganda. The clubs are supporting a well-established charity, Planting For Hope Uganda in its incredible work.

Why have they done this? Bisi’s story may help explain why.


When I met her Bisi was seven, at home with her older sister Joanne and little brother Edward. They had just returned from collecting water & firewood for cooking cassava, the only food they would eat that day. Three older brothers were at secondary school and their mom, a subsistence farmer, had left early to go to their small piece of land to dig. Their father had died before Edward was born and their mom was forced to sell most of their land to pay for the older boys’ education.

We had gone to visit because one of the women in the Co-operative, part of the Planting For Hope Uganda project, had told us about their desperate plight. It was arranged that Bisi and Joanne would come to Cornerstone School, also part of PFHU, and the only school in the region giving free school places to orphaned and destitute children. They were excited and happy, loved their school uniforms and daily porridge and also their books, pencils and lessons.

Sadly, as soon as the rainy season started we rarely saw them. It was just impossible for them to walk over 6 miles a day through rough country tracks and thick mud so they missed months of their longed-for education. The situation was changed when two of the Co-operative women took them into their homes and fostered them, but it put real pressure on the women’s already crushing poverty. With the help of PFHU the families and the girls managed.

In the main picture you can see Bisi, a clever girl who wants to become a nurse – and she will! What a very different prospect from the one she had three years ago.

Joanne, too, is doing well.

A dormitory will help hundreds of others to have this chance in the future.

Please visit our web page  where there is much more information and, if you can, please help us help hundreds of vulnerable girls to a better future.


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