Yorkits: Keeping Kenyan girls in education

Yorkits, in partnership with the local community, is keeping young Kenyan female schoolchildren in education by the gifts of washable, easy-to-use, feminine hygiene kits for girls.

Kenyan schoolgirls celebrate receiving their Yorkits.

 Boosting educational chances for Kenyan schoolgirls

Rotary York Ainsty (RYA) has played a key role in boosting the educational chances for young Kenyan girls.

Yorkits, one of RYA’s showcase projects, produces and inspires others to produce, personal hygiene kits - which allows girls to attend school (fuller description of the project details below).   

In 2020, RYA received a request to fund the production of Yorkits in a Kenyan school which they had previously supported - the Meisori Primary School.   

This request was successful and a cash grant was enabled, meaning that the local Kenyan seamstress Ruth was funded to produce a quantity of the kits. These were handed out recently to the obvious delight of the pupils (pictured), some of which accepted them on behalf of their older sisters.

Ruth visited Meisori Primary School to deliver the kits she had made. These have been part funded by Rotary York Ainsty, but also by the girls’ parents who are able to pay the other half. It is excellent news that the parents are willing and able to contribute, and funding assistance will enable Ruth to continue making more kits. 

She writes: "Thank you for the efforts taken to ensure our young and vulnerable children receive the hygiene kits.  

"I was able to distribute the kits to the pupils of Meisori Primary School, standard six and seven. Because some of the girls were absent in school due to the lack of this important commodity, their young siblings were able to take for them.  

"Madam Shirleen together with Madam Emmy were there to witness the process. Eunice was there to assist me on the same. The girls were so happy and thankful after receiving the kits, they felt like God had visited them at their time of need".

 Yorkits initiative details

Yorkits is a Rotary-run community 'hands-on' project which involves a range of volunteers coming together to make washable, easy-to-use, feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries - and it goes from strength to strength. 

In many developing countries, due to poverty, girls have no feminine hygiene provision and cannot go to school during menstruation, therefore missing out large parts of their education. Yorkits therefore aims to help by providing them with access to uninterrupted schooling.  

Yorkits runs workshops and uses brightly patterned cottons to make up the eco-friendly, low-cost cleverly designed kits, which are packed into attractive drawstring bags and which last each girl typically for up to three years.   

In the recent past, Rotary York Ainsty assisted in the building of secondary school style classrooms at the school in association with the local (Kenyan) community and parents.

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Kenyan schoolgirls celebrate receiving their Yorkits.

Yorkits: Keeping girls in education

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