SPOT THE ARTIST 2021 Sunday 19th Sept

following the re-instatement of the September Festival it is confirmed that Spot the Artist will be back for 2021

Thanks to the generosity of the contributors, we are already holding about 230 little paintings, and the variety and standard of artwork is excellent as always.

Exhibition and Sale of Original Large Postcard Size Art. All for sale for £50 Works by known and up and coming Artists

 I am pleased to report that the organisers of the Festival are planning to hold it between 11th and 25th September 2021. We have therefore decided to hold ‘Spot the Artist 2021’ on Sunday 19th September, with viewing on the previous two days.

First staged in 2006, our event is now regarded, in terms of variety and quality of the artwork, as one of the best charity postcard art sales in the country outside London. The proceeds, which for several years now have exceeded £10,000, are shared on a 50/50 basis between arts organisations and good causes supported by Rotary. 

Contributors for 2021

Julia Adams                 www. 

Tony Aldrich           

Amy Albright      

Naomi Alexander

Andrew Allanson

David Allen          

Mary Allen          

Caroline Appleyard


Caroline Atkinson

Peter Austin      

Jenni Balow                 Rosudgeon

Paul Banning    

Andrew Barrowman          

Ray Barry           

Sally Bassett     

Deborah Batt   

Beata Belanszky    

Sonja Benskin Mesher   

Jackie Berridge            

Hannah Berrisford

Alan Betteridge         Ashby de la Zouch

Jane Betteridge

 Lesley Birch                   

Jenny Birchall   

Lynne Bishop              Carbis Bay

Lin Blackmore            Lelant

Anne Blanksome-Hemans

Alice Boggis-Rolfe            

Imogen Bone       

Louise Bougourd  

Fiona Bradford

Joan Bradley       

David Brayne       

Martin Brewster    

David Brooke       

Katy Brown            

Christine Brunnock

Alexandra Buckle

Hilary Buckley     

Paul Bursnall      

Brian Busselle     

Neil Canning             

Jill Carter                    

Ashton Chadwick

Linda Charlton           Marazion

John Charles Clark   www.Cornwall-artists/john-charles-clark

Wendy Clouse   

Amanda Coleman      

Nick Collier       

Ashley Collin    

Joanna Commings     

Jane Eva Cooper            

Julie D Cooper    

Sarah Cooper   

Alison Critchlow

Anni Crook                 Corsham

Steve Crossley             

Rosie Cunningham       

Leslie Dabson       

Maureen Davies

F G Davis            

Sue Davis            

Lin Deacon     

Gerry Defries    

Paul Dilworth

Roger Dobson  

Simon Drew  

Henrietta Dubrey  

Sara Dudman   

John Duffin   

Alan Edwards  

John Emanuel  

Brenda Evans          Whitstable

Graham Evernden

Michael Ewart         

Rosina Flower    

Shirley Foote   

Holly Frean         

Anthony Frost         Penwith Gallery, St Ives

Conor Gallagher

Vanessa Gardiner   

Ann Gardner  

Hilary Jean Gibson

Christopher Glanville  

Gary Goodman

Roy Goodman  

Paul Gough          

Adrian Grainger

Iain Grant         

Susan Gray         

Anna Grayson

Jayne Greer   

Jenny Grevatte

Anthony Gribbin

Stewart Griffin       

Michelle Griffiths

Suzi Gutierrez        St Ives

Caroline Hall

Jenny Halstead 

Niki Hare          

Linda Harrison      www.leedsfineartists  

Michael Hart          Bodmin

Frances Hatch  

Robin Hazlewood   Mall Galleries   

Heath Hearn            

Dick Hewitson

June Hicks               Sennen

Terri Hogan  

Alice Hole         

Rick Holmes  

Jane Hooper

John Hopkins

Carol Hosking-Smith              

Andrew Hucklesby  

Angie Hunt     

Gordon Hunt

Tony Hunt         

Tracey Hunter  

Steve Jacobson

Roger Jardine  

Kit Johns       

Linda Mary Jones

Peter Jones    

Rachael Kantaris

Shaun Keefe   

Marie Keeling

Tim Kellam   

Michael Kennedy

Stuart Kettle               

Sophie Lourdes Knight

Leslie Knopfler

Ivan Lapper        

Joanne Last      

Arth Lawr       

Jill Leman       

Caroline Lees 

Radu Leon      

Kim Lintern        

Richard Lodey

Gary Long           

Judy Lusted   

Andrew Macara         

Andrew Major 

Stephanie de Malherbe   

Cherrie Mansfield

Sasa Marinkov

John Scott Martin

Clive Matthews

Francesca Maxwell  

John McAlwane     Townshend

Wendy McBride

Jo McChesney
Linda Melbourne  Truro

Roy Meldrum  

Janet Mitchell   

David Moore       Penwith Gallery

Marina Morris

Hani Mroz  

Alice Mumford

Marjory Mulrooney

Sue Munson  

Midge Naylor

Lesley Ninnes

David Norman

Jen Oldknow    

Colin Orchard

Elaine Oxtoby

Sylvia Paul

Mandy Payne

Peter Perry

Olivia Pethybridge

Suzanne Phillips

Tony P Phillips   Mackerel Art

Marcia Pirie        Cargreen

Valerie Pirlot  

Josep Pla   

Brian Pollard

Caroline Ponsonby  

Mark Poprawski

Sandra Porter

Julia Potter           

Sara Pound

Michael Praed

Mark Preston       

Rex Preston

Nicole Price  

Trevor Price 

Christine Pybus  

Sue Read      

Sheryl Roberts

Iain Robertson

Paul Robinson

Erica Rochester

Beth Rodway

Sue Rogers  

Annie Rothenstein     

Julian Rowe

Jenny Ryrie 

Jeremy Sanders

Lincoln Seligman

Rosa Sepple      

Theresa Shaw

Jenny Shaw-Browne

John Shearn        St Ives Rotary Club

Ian Sidaway

Ruth Skolmli

Jennie Slater   

Cynthia Smith      Brighouse

Hazel Smith          Merriott

Jo Smith      

Ingrid Sofrin

Stuart Stanley

Madeleine Strobel
Paul Sunderland   

Julian Sutherland Beatson 

Christine Taherian    

Alan Taylor 

Jill Thomas 

Shelley Thornton 

Paul Tomlinson    Bristol 

Lisa Traxler

Tim Treagust

Shelly Tregoning 

Philippa Tunstill     

Elaine Turnbull  

Dick Twinney

Angela Uren   

Joanna Vollers

Eugenie Vronskaya

Paul Wadsworth   

Sophie Wake 
Rod Walker                   

Annie Ward     

Eric Ward             

Clare Wardman

Christine Watson

Deborah Westmancoat    

Jo Whitney    

Marion Willcocks

David Willetts

Annie Williams       Mall Galleries

Emma Williams

John Wilson            Lidlington

Vincent Wilson      Saltash

David Wiseman     

David Woodall 

Jenny Woodhouse

Beverley Young           


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following the re-instatement of the September Festival it is confirmed that Spot the Artist will be back for 2021


Exhibition and Sale of Original Large Postcard Size Art. All for sale for £45 Works by known and up and coming Artists

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