Romford Rotary and its work across the world in partnership with the Rotary Foundation, our Rotary District 1240, and a network of Rotarian friends and colleagues in other countries.


The Rotary Club of Romford is justifiably proud of its extensive and on-going programme of humanitarian overseas aid; positive evidence that the Rotary spirit of cooperation and fellowship across borders remains alive and well in Romford as we continue to maintain and develop our close international ties in the coming post-virus years.   

The Club enjoys a strong international presence within its membership with our Club Rotarians representing, amongst other countries, India with 2 members, Lebanon, Romania, and France as well as enjoying a continuing and cordial social relationship with our twinned European Rotary Clubs in Bruay, France and Dendermonde, Belgium.



Supporting the Polio & Children in Need project in Kigezi, Uganda co-founded by club member Rotarian Arun Patel, most recently with a significant contribution towards a Foundation Grant for an ambulance for the Kigezi School and Residence.

Financial assistance of over $10,000 towards the rehousing of Metn,Beirut citizens after the appalling Dock Explosion of August 2020, together with the provision of much needed food and medical aid boxes distributed monthly and guaranteed until 2023. 

On-going personal medical assistance and advice given by club member Dr. Amar Vasireddy PHF who visits Chennai, India, on a regular basis to provide professional help in one of the world's Covid "hotspots".

 Provision of computer facilities to schools in Romania and Lebanon

Providing bunk beds for the Belgrove Primary School in Robo Kenya
Provision of SHELTER BOXES for many countries suffering chaos caused by natural disaster

Obtaining a Global Grant for assistance to an Indian project "Empowering persons with disabilities"

Support to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Bakaa Valley and the Help the Children campaign in the same area  

And from a little further in the past, one of our most memorable projects, when Romford Rotarians drove, on a number of occasions, a pantechnicon lorry across Europe carrying food, medicine and medical equipment to assist seriously ill children contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  

With the worldwide Rotary network there is a guarantee that aid gets to the right sources and with no deduction in costs.

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The Kigezi Orphanage now has its own desperately needed ambulance and service vehicle thanks to the Romford Rotary Club and Rotary District 1240. Here's how.

Out and about promoting the Club

Who we are, what we do, and how you can join us

Robin Webb driving medical aid and assistance to Russia

The Romford Club's response to the Nuclear Disaster of 1986 was led by Rotarian Robin Webb who over many years co-ordinated our help to the hundreds of children suffering incurable radiation sickness.

Trevor relaxes from his Presidential duties extemporising at his piano

Trevor recalls that although 2020/2021 was a particular difficult time for all Rotarians the Romford Club was able to respond magnificently during the pandemic and successfully completed many major projects.


Taking it easy from fundraising during an afternoon garden party with friends

Club member and former President of the Dagenham Club Arun Patel leads the Para-Olympics Coach to the Olympic Stadium

The Rotary Club of Romford celebrates its Centenary Year in 2022. Find out more about all the things we do, the people we help, and the fun that we have in doing it.

Morning porridge at school

This page describes how the Rotary Foundation scheme operates and the many ways in which Romford Rotary supports it.

Club member Arun Patel, far right in the green shirt, seen here with happy children living and studying at the Ugandan school and premises co-founded by Arun and his charitable organisation in Kigezi.

Romford Rotary and its work across the world in partnership with the Rotary Foundation, our Rotary District 1240, and a network of Rotarian friends and colleagues in other countries.