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Fri, Jul 2nd 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting  on  Thursday 1st July  at  08.00am, online

Present:               Dave C; Lesley; Pat; Andrew B; Margaret; Godfrey; Kathryn; Marian; Nick; Jean & Andrew M; Reggie; Hilary; Pete.

Apologies:           Robert Sissons

Almoner:             Lesley has spoken to Jackie, but no news to share.  The meeting wondered how is Gordon?  Jean M said she spoke to him last week.  He was in hospital one day but due home the next.  He is still in good spirits.

Notes of the Last Meeting for Accuracy:  Lesley said this was on 10th June in Nick’s garden.  The notes have been circulated, and no-one has come back to her about them.

Matters Arising:   None

Birthdays:            Two birthdays during the next week, Pat and Jean S.  Best Wishes to both.

The Raffle:          No-one has come forward to take over this role from Jean S.  Could those members not currently in a role for meetings please consider volunteering?  Let Lesley know if you are able to take this on.  Action:  All.

July 4th – Thank You Day for the NHS:  District has circulated a list of possible things clubs could do to say a thank you to the NHS.  Included in this is the suggestion of planting a tree.  However, you can’t just plant a tree anywhere – you need permission.  We could ask the parish council if they are planning to plant any trees and offer to pay for a plaque.  David M has a contact at the council; Andrew B’s brother is on the council. Andrew to liaise with David M.  Action: David M & Andrew.

Car Parking:        Godfrey said the amount we raised last Sunday was the most since June 2019, so well done those who attended.  Godfrey said we used to have a table selling items.  This can be a useful additional fund raiser (and one we don’t have to share with the school).  Last Sunday for example, the flapjacks and macaroons raised a separate £14 (well done to Marian).  We can sell cakes, jams, garden produce if people can bring items in.  Godfrey and Pete do not want to have to lug around cardboard boxes of books ‘though. 

                                Next car parking will be on Sunday 25th July from 10.00am andTuesday 27th July from 09.00am.  Andrew B said this does present us with a problem ‘though, in that we are also committed to help with car parking at the Strode Park Fun Day on the same day ie 25th July.  So, we need lots of volunteers from the uncommitted members, to ensure we cover both events.  We have never let Strode Park down.

                                Lesley suggested that if members don’t feel they can do a whole 2-hour slot, they could always partner with another member to do one hour each.  Can all members please urgently consider volunteering for car parking on 25th July, and let Godfrey and Andrew B (copy to Dave C) know.  Action: All.

Rotary Ride – week end of 4th / 5th September:  Dave C said this is an annual event in support of Prostate Cancer.  District have produced a wodge of information about this, which he has previously circulated.  Last year (during the pandemic) we supported this event by cycling / walking from Reculver to Minnis Bay, and paying £5 each for participating.  Another year we joined Whitstable in a ride along the Crab & Winkle Way.  There are a number of ways to get involved: you can do a sponsored bike ride outdoors; you can do a group ride (one at a time in shifts) on a static bicycle indoors; or you can simply sponsor someone else or their club who is doing something.  Dave had wondered if we might organise a ride round Romney Marsh using the waymarked routes there, finishing with a picnic on the beach at Lydd with those who don’t want to ride.  Can members who might be interested in this please let Dave C know.  He will find out if anyone is co-ordinating a district response to this.  Action: Dave C.

Donation to Hope Clinic:  Andrew B spoke about this.  He has some information about fund raising for a medical clinic in Guinea, West Africa.  Hilary commented that since the UK is doing so well with its own vaccination programme we ought to extend help to those parts of the world who are less well-resourced.  Andrew proposed the club should donate £500 towards the clinic; he has already spoken to David M to check that we have the funds available.  The proposal was seconded by Andrew M.  members present voted unanimously in favour.  Action:  David M.

Charity Golf Day – September:  Nick confirmed that we have a main sponsor which is the most important thing.  A number of teams have confirmed they are taking part, ‘though we could do with some more.  We still need raffle prizes.  Action:  All.

Upcoming Events:            Pat reminded members about the Chinese meal at the Yangtze restaurant on 22ndJuly.  We don’t have any other events until our first face-to-face meeting after the relaxation of restrictions on 19thJuly.

Master-at-Arms:              Nick said that it isn’t practical to fine people at a zoom meeting.  However, the fines at the last two face-to-face meetings in his garden have raised £60 towards club charities.  This figure includes IOU’s (hint).

Any Other Business:        Lesley said that Lynn Hooke-Overy had rung her to say thank you for the flowers.  Paul said that he had tried to claim that he had given Lynn the flowers!

                                                Andrew hasn’t heard any more news about Lauren but will write to her.

                                                Godfrey said that he has spoken to the head of the Whitstable school and she is happy to include a message about the club in a newsletter to parents – in the hope we might recruit members from parents, grandparents etc.  It is believed David M has a message and contact details he uses for The Net.

                                                Jean M mentioned she went past the Whit & Tank hospital the other day and the inner courtyard is very overgrown.  Do we know if we can offer to do some gardening there this year?  Marian said she is hoping to have a meeting shortly with the new manager.  She believes the hospital want to turn this area into a sensory garden.

Date of Next Meeting(s):

Board Meeting @ Lesley’s house on 13th July at 6.00pm

Breakfast Meeting via Zoom on 15th July at 08.00am.

The evening social meeting will be confirmed after the government’s announcement on 19th July.

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