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Thu, Aug 26th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our monthly business meeting

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Breakfast / Business Meeting Thursday 26th August 2021 @ The Golf Club

Present:               Robert; Paul; David K; David M; Dave C; Andrew & Jean M; Lesley; Pippa & Spyros; Marian; Nick; Pat; Godfrey; Andrew B; Margaret; Kathryn.

Apologies:           Elaine; Reggie; Pete; Myfannwy; Sue; Maureen; Jackie; David B; Hilary.

Guests:                Lesley welcomed Paul, David K’s guest.

Thanks:                Andrew B said a thanks for the food we ate.


President:           Lesley asked for immediate feedback about the food.  This was the first time back at the Golf Club, the first time we have been able to meet downstairs on the flat, and the first day for the golf club’s new chef.  Some members said that they didn’t like the downstairs room, it being too small.  On the other hand, the Wi-Fi works better downstairs – important for those who are attending the meeting via zoom.  The light breakfast was felt to be a bit meagre.  Some complained that the cooked breakfast was served on cold plates; others said theirs was fine.  It was suggested that which venue is best for the club might be discussed at future board meeting.

                                Lesley also asked for members’ views about having  a secular ‘Thanks’ rather than a Grace before the meal.  Robert mentioned a Rotary book of suggested Graces.  Lesley said that whether or not to have Grace rather than ‘Thanks’ might affect how potential members might see us.  She added that it was a board decision not to have Grace.  There was then a show of hands about whether to retain the practice of saying Grace or not; the majority present voted in favour of retention.

Birthdays & Announcements:  Lesley said it was Hilary’s birthday this week.

Club Business:   It was Gordon’s funeral yesterday.  Several members of the club attended.  Board has proposed that we donate £250 to SNAAP in Gordon’s name.  This was voted on and agreed.

                                Nick spoke about the Golf Day.  We are OK for donations and sponsorships but but considerably down on the number of teams committed to competing.  Nick suggested that other charity golf events are also struggling to find teams to compete this year.  The decision was taken to defer the competition this year, and return the monies collected so far.

                                Reports from Committee Chairs.  Kathy said she has met Anna from Food Friends in Whitstable.  Anna is looking to expand to Faversham, and is always in need of more volunteers.  She is very interested in becoming involved in our Young Chef competition.  She would like to visit participating schools and be present on the day of the competition.

                                Kathy also met Carrie from SNAAP at their beach hut behind the Whitstable swimming pool.  The beach hut is very useful; it allows carers to relax while SNAAP volunteers look after the young people on the beach. Carrie would like to have selected young people help us when we do gardening at the Whit & Tank.  Marian said that there is still rubbish to be cleared at the Whit & Tank.  Volunteer gardeners do not need to be DBS-cleared if they are only going to be working outside the wards.  Marian will talk to Georgina and Matron.  A second date for gardening at the Whit & Tank was agreed – Saturday 2nd October.

                                Kathy mentioned an email from Brenda Parsons which is about providing well-organised children’s activities for displaced Afghan refugees.

                                Andrew B said that he and Godfrey are going to have a look at the state of the roses and the grass at Maysdown Road, and will report back.

                                Andrew said that at the beginning of September he will said a reminder about next year to the schools which normally participate in Walk for Water.

                                Robert said that two weeks ago he sent an email asking for members to identify what they were doing to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing waste.  However he has only had six replies.  Robert will re-issue the email.

                                Godfrey spoke about the car parking on 29th August; he is still short of volunteers to cover the 2.00pm to 4.00pm slot.  Godfrey emphasised the importance of using the walkie-talkies for communication between the top end and the bottom end of the car park to avoid having cars queuing unnecessarily when the park is full.  He also asked people to remember to promote the stuff we are selling for the table near the hut.

                                Godfrey asked everyone to pencil in diaries the date of the Christmas Dinner at the Crescent Turner restaurant:  10th December 2021.  He will put menus in the events folder as soon as we get them.

Greetings from other Clubs:  There were members from other clubs along the funeral route in Tankerton yesterday.  All the shops along the route were closed as a mark of respect – even Tesco’s.

Raffle:                   This was won by Andrew M and Nick.

Master-at-Arms:  Nick did his thing.

Any Other Business:  Andrew B has talked with Anne from the Plough.  She would be keen to attend our social events.

                                Godfrey, Paul & Margaret turned up last week end to help with car parking at Strode Park, but by the time they arrived there were only a couple of spaces left, and no-one there seemed to know what was going on.

                                The evening meeting on 23rd September which includes speakers on ‘How to solve a Murder’ needs more people to put their names down.  Please put your names in the events folder!

                                Pat thanked everyone who came to the social evening last week at Mucini’s.  She is thinking about an evening at A La Turka next.  Pat would like to organise a trip to the Ramsgate Tunnels.  This was a popular idea, but some question about how easy it is to park nearby.  We could however have a mini-bus available.

                                Andrew M asked if we can acknowledge the issue of the earthquake in Haiti by funding another Shelterbox?  This was voted on and agreed.

Date of Next Meeting:

07.15am Thursday 2nd September @ the Golf Club.  Includes speaker Judith Collins from HERstay.

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