General Meeting - Live

Thu, Oct 14th 2021 at 7:30 am - 8:45 am

This is our regular weekly meeting

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Breakfast Meeting 07.30am Thursday 14th October @ The Plough

Present:  Elaine, Lesley, David K, Robert, Marian, Andrew & Jean M, Sue, Pat, Margaret, Godfrey, David M, Maureen, Paul, Nick, Andrew.  Kathy via Zoom.

Apologies:  David B, Hilary, Iain, Jackie, Myfanwy, Pete, Pippa & Spyros, Reggie, Trevor.

Guests:  Georgina - visiting as part of her ‘scatter week’.

Grace:  Was said by Paul.


Almoner:  Everyone appears to be OK at the moment.  Andrew B asked after Jean S.  pat confirmed that she is doing well right now.

Birthdays:  Happy birthday to Myfanwy. Lesley sent a card on our behalf.

Shoebox Appeal:  Kathy will be at the breakfast meeting on 28th; please bring your filled shoeboxes then.

Mascara Brushes Collection:  Pippa wants to collect them all in next week.  She will be at breakfast next week, so please bring them then.

Board Meeting:  At the meeting earlier this week it was suggested that as a merry jape, those present at the Christmas do might join in a game of ‘Guess the Baby’.  So, please send photographs of yourselves as a baby (max 18 months approx.) to Pat by email.  Action:  All.

            Robert said there is an issue with members remembering to tell him by the deadline that they will not want a breakfast for the week coming.  Robert needs to know by Monday 5.00pm.  He would prefer to be notified by text on 07704 943 605.  David M passed round new cards with this information on one side, and our club account number, and our charity account number on the other. 

            Robert said that Canterbury Sunrise are adopting a new system for booking breakfasts.  There is a video demonstration of this he will circulate for information.  But for the time being we will stick with texting as outlined above.

Gardening @ the Whit & Tank:  There is a sheet in the events folder, but only two names are on it at the moment.  Could more people add their names, please.  The date is 23rd October.  Georgina and Marian emphasised what a difference this makes to hospital users.

Any Other Business:  Godfrey reminded members of the two upcoming car parking dates: Tuesday 26th October, and Saturday 30th October.  We  are a bit short on names, especially for the Tuesday.  Please consider adding your names.

            Reminder that the a Christmas dinner will be on Friday 10th December.  The cost will be £40 per person.  The menu choices will be circulated shortly.

            Andrew B said that the Whitstable School (ie where we do the car parking) is joining the Walk4Water event for 2022.

            Re the rose garden at Maysdown Road, the parish council have agreed to pay half the cost of the new bushes.  Steve Bailey from the PCC will be here next week to answer questions.  Andrew B said he still wants to push the idea of raised vegetable beds.

            Robert said that Eric was due to visit from Apeldoorn, but can’t due to UK restrictions on visitors from the Netherlands.  He may come over in November.

Greetings from Other Clubs:  Georgina brought greetings from Forest of Blean.  Guests are welcome to attend their meetings on Monday evenings.  Robert brought greetings from the Winchester club.

Raffle:  Jean ran the raffle.  Winners were Andrew M , and Margaret.

Master-at-Arms:  According to Nick, yesterday was ‘Pet obesity Day’ while today is ‘Be bald and Free Day’.  It’s also the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings.

Final Toast:  Was given by David K.

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