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District 1180 Protection and Safeguarding

District 1180 Protection and Safeguarding.           Page updated on the 8th May 2021

The District Team is here to support you, please ask and advice will be provided.

Welcome to the page, I hope without overburdening any Rotarian that you find the following useful. 

My own interpretation of our duties is simple and straightforward and involves the following steps –

    1.     The risk assessment for the activity will identify any protection issues.

    2.     The identified issues may then be mitigated to an acceptable level by removal of the risk or a change in practice.

    3.     If  a need for a DBS check is required, then please forward details of the activity to me, clearly stating the reasons and the number of personnel requiring a DBS check.

4.     I will then arrange for a digital distribution of the required forms. The process may take up to eight weeks from completed submission to outcome.

5.     Being DBS checked does not provide any mitigation for ensuring the Protection and Safeguarding of everyone involved in the activity, preparing for the activity, undertaking the activity and returning directly home after the activity.

Protection is an awareness of our responsibilities as Rotarians to the public in our activities and to our fellow Rotarians in all that we do. We protect others in all that we do for our Rotary organisation. This includes everybody that we come into contact with during our activities and specifically we take extra care of young people and vulnerable adults to safeguard and ensure their continuing wellbeing.

The resources for Protection issues are extensive and the following links were current when this page was last updated. (Please see top line) We are an international district and be careful that you download the correct country information for the event if there is a choice.

Key Protection and Safeguarding documents from RIBI – these are all links.

Related link for further information.

Ø A useful booklet on how to be aware of online scams can be found on this link –

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