District Assembly 2021/22

Assembly agenda, presentations, Questions & Answers and comment feedback

The District 1100 Assembly was held on the 24th April (10:00-12:00)
The focus of the Assembly is around next year's District 1100 theme "Know Your Community"

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    The benefits and impact of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ( Chris Hooper )
    A community Response to a Community Problem ( Nick Tecza )
    What being a Rotaractor meant to me ( Michael Ziedins  )
    Single cause based Rotary clubsand ending Modern Slavery ( Simon John )
    An Approach for a Major City ( Jim Currie )

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planting Crocuses in Overmonnow

Rotary Monmouth is active in many areas of our community see more details below

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Last year's walk was on May 16th 2021 details are in the "related" pages or follow the links below Thank you everyone who participated

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The 2022 Raft Race will be held on Sunday September 4th 2021 starting in Monmouth and finishing in Whitebrook as usual

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