Little Faces School

Education, food and clothing for just £20 per month

If a Rotarian sees a need, whether at home or abroad, they swing into action.

In 2011, when local Rotarian Sally Searle went to Kenya on holiday, she met Mary Atieno, headteacher of Little Faces School, a kindergarten and primary school in a suburb of Mombasa.  The school serves one of the poorest comunities in Mombasa and at that time there were 35 children in one "schoolroom."

The school was a rusty tin shack help up with sticks.  There were no desks and few chairs.  The children had to write on the floor.  There were no toilet facilities or running water, only a small room used by the entire community.

With a background in finance at DHL and charity work in the corporate sector, Sally went to work back in the UK to form the Little Faces charity.  With no paid staff, but a lot of hard work and much help from volunteers, the charity has raised funds so the school now teaches more than 300 children from the age of two to 14 years.

Today, there is a stone building with four classrooms.  There are toilets specially for the children, and they now have hand-washing facilities.  They still have to share desks in the kindergarten, but they do have stationery, books, seven computers and a printer.

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