International Committee

The plans for the Rotary coming Rotary year 2020/21


International Committee 2020 - 2021

Mark Townsend - Chair



1.    Support Nepal during Covid-19 with food supplies. Apply for district grant

International projects

1.    Nepal. Ensure current ongoing projects are completed

2.    Nepal. Consider further water project

3.    Worldwide. Provisions for assistance in any international crises

Vire exchange visit



Social activities


Lockdown currently preventing accessing supplies of materials.

However, villagers undertaking groundwork

Samjur. (2019/2020 project)

Replace cracked and leaking tank for Samjur village

Casterbridge £500 +£500

Portland £1000 + £1000

Also new water supply to school.

Build new toilet (funded by Cliff Elliott)

The lockdown in Nepal has prevented this from happening. It is hoped to get permits to bring materials in from another ward for work to commence.


Raipali Bhanyang

Ensure completion of this project.

5000L tank in place ready to sink into ground and connect

Pipe led from spring to temporary tap in use awaiting proper concrete tap.

Delay due to road construction (a dirt track carved into the hillside) is now finished so final work on concrete tap, sinking tank, burying pipe and connecting can begin. Groundwork is being done but the same problem applies for getting materials in.

Ghalegaun Potential new project

There was an old Kaduri project 2001. There is a spring below and water pumped 60m

Currently the small concrete tank 3000L at bottom is giving way and 1.4 hp pump failing.

Upper tank 2500 above village leaking.

Needs new top and bottom tank 10000L concrete bottom and 3 x 5000 plastic at top. New tank 10m higher at 70m above the other

If there are spare funds it may be possible in conjunction with the OVT to take this on.

There have been two donations each of £500, so this could be a realistic possibility from finances, though the pandemic may hinder progress.

We also visited other villages. One called Ghalegaun where the current water supply is inadequate. They need their electric pump replacing and a new larger tank above the village to meet demand. Many residents are elderly, and it would be ideal to supply taps direct to these frail residents.

The cost will be approximately £3000

Gahateri (For the future)

This village has a previous system installed by us in 2011. New road building (wide dirt tracks for motorcycles and 4WD buses) has resulted in three of their taps demolished by construction traffic. Plus, the supply is not enough in itself so a supply from a new water source is needed.

The cost will be approximately £3500


The club has already sent funds to help the poorest villagers in the cluster in Tanahun District. In conjunction with Casterbridge and Poundbury along with the Okhle Village trust, this amounts to £800

Each needy household has been supplied with 20kg rice, 2kg Dhal, 1l oil, salt and soap. More provisions will be needed and we aim to achieve this with the help of a District Grant 2020/2021.

We are applying for £500 grant matched by us with a further £500.

Poundbury are applying for £250 matched with a further £250 Covid-19 funds from District General Funds.


Nepal Visit

Planned visit in November to the villages and trek have postponed until situation of international travel clear.

We liaise with Bimal via Facebook Messenger

Rotary walks

Joint walks established with Casterbridge

Aim to resume once pandemic easing and free movements


Vire Biennial exchange visits. It is our turn to visit Vire. Normally September. Due to the pandemic this is postponed. It will be delayed into next year at the earliest. Due to the 2 week quarantine both before and after the visit means we will keep the social distancing of the English Channel for the present.

Rotary International Fellowship Exchange

As part of the RIFE we are due to host a group of 10 members from Peru for approximately 3 days. We shall need accommodation provided by at least 5 members. We shall arrange an entertainment programme similar to our Vire exchange visit. The visitors will pay for their own costs such as entrance fees and meals. Hosts will need to transport and accompany their guests at their own expense. It is hoped we may be able to get other clubs in the area involved.

Fund raising

Consider holding the cancelled wine tasting once it becomes possible to do so. As this will involve a large group, this my be some time away.

The option of donating each week whilst not at the Aqua, could be added to the Nepal fund as it is the individual donating and therefore should they should have the choice

Janet?? may be interested in resuming coach trips should this form a transport be possible in the future.

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