International Services 2021 - 22

This year Adrian takes over as chair of our International committee.

24 October 21 -It's World Polio Day!

Today is World Polio Day, a time for Rotary members from all over the world to come together, recognise our progress in our fight to end polio, and talk about the action we need to take in order to end polio for good.
We’ve used our collective strength to defeat this devastating disease in almost every part of the world.
In the first nine months of 2021, just two cases of wild polio were reported, one each in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This means we have an unprecedented opportunity to stop wild poliovirus transmission.

Our members were armed with forks to plant the Crocuses at the start of Bingham's Linear Walk to celebrate World Polio Day, in Thanks to the people of Bingham who have contributed to the Club's contribution to this cause over the last 30 years let's keep up the good work that Stan and Shirley Taylor organised today,

Our intention for this Rotary year..We are keen to continue funding our 2 students, Rajan and Krishna, through The Fishtail Scheme in Nepal. However, we were well aware of the extra costs to be incurred as they progressed into tertiary education, plus the current freeze on education in Nepal following the outbreak of Covid. It was felt that we should actively pursue possible joint funding with another local club to alleviate the costs. Additionally, if their education was kept on hold, any money budgeted could be used for food bank assistance,

We intend to purchase 2 Aquaboxes for Disaster Relief. Additionally, £200 would be kept for any possible disaster emergencies in this year, with the money being used to buy further aquaboxes if no suitable worthy cause occurred.

As last year’s funding was diverted to food bank support for Nepal, the Committee would again like to support the Rosie May Foundation Sewing Machine project with a backup again of using that money for Nepal food banks, if Covid prevents the sewing Machine project operating.

We will proceed with the Rotary Shoebox Scheme. The cost of each box would be £2, but numbers required would depend on the uptake from schools. It was hoped that maybe 6 schools, at 25 boxes each, could take part.

Polio Eradication

The Committee would once again like to organise an event to raise money for Polio Eradication. Ideas were requested for a suitable scheme, one of which was a garage/yard sale in on of our major towns/villages, which would be investigated.

Additionally, we would again like to plan another Crocus planting event, this time somewhere in Bingham. 

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