Seahorse Artwork

A fun colouring and collage activity for children to support Seahorses in Portugal’s Ria Formosa under threat of extinction.

Have some fun and save a seahorse!
What can you do?

  • 6 years or under, then create your colourful picture of a seahorse by colouring in the picture on the next page. 
  • 7 years and over, then create a collage using natural items or rubbish you may have collected ready to recycle.

Download the Seahorse Artwork Template: Artwork_Template_1.docx

When the creative fun is done, you simply need an adult (18 years or over) to submit a photo of the artwork and email to 

Remember to include details:

Age groups: Tick yours 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / Other……

School name (if applicable):

Club name (if applicable):

Please donate a minimum of £1 for each photo being submitted to help Save the Seahorses.

Activity Information

This is an awareness project not a competition so there will be no winner, however, your artwork will be displayed on our Save the Seahorses website page.  

Please collect all money donated (a minimum of £1 per person). Once all the money has been collected, please email and we will arrange for donation submission.

Thank you so much for participating and helping to Save the Seahorses.

We will be sharing lots of information about the project  over the next few months so do keep looking!

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