Evening Meeting

Tue, Aug 3rd 2021 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Weekly meeting. Quiz Night by Anthony Payne

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Rotary Club of Whitehaven Club meeting: Meeting No. 5 on Tuesday 3rd August 2021. Evening.

God grant that [in partaking of this food] we may be mindful of those who go hungry and so strengthen our purpose that by our daily deeds of service the day may be brought nearer when no one shall want for food or fellowship. Amen.

Speaker: Quiz. Anthony Payne. This was an August quiz. The winning team was Mike/Ronnie with 18/20.

Vote of thanks: None.


Number attending: IR Hill, D Hope, JR Kennedy, AC Payne, R Proudfoot, MB Reid, IL Watson, D Whitfield-Bott, DM Whitfield-Bott

Attending by Zoom: DN Dixon, T Milburn

Apologies: T Dalzell, A Johnston, A Parker, D Saxon, G Southward, RA Stout, TF Stout, F Todhunter

Hon. Members: D Brownrigg, R Carling, I Southward, M Starkie

Birthdays: Anthony Payne on the 4th of August.

Guests: None.

Visits to other clubs: None

President’s Announcements:

1.     Speaker and Guest expenses. This has been set at £1 per member per month. Please put your money in the tankard at meetings.

2.     Speakers and suggestions for speakers are required. If you can help, please contact John Kennedy.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Secretary’s Announcements:

1.     Rotary Harbour Project: We have four volunteers – Tony Parker, Mike Reid, Ian Watson, and Ronnie Proudfoot. Four bollards were cleaned and painted today; these will be put in place on Monday 9th August. The volunteers will be contacted by either Lynn Stalker or by Tony Tait when needed.

2.     Proposal by Richard Stout re; John and Sheila Dixon. Richard has proposed that the club honour John for his achievements and Sheila for her care of her husband. Looking at the various RI and RGBI honours it would seem that neither fits the criteria. Posthumous PHF might be a possibility. Other options are 1. An ward for the best young pistol shooter in the county or 2. A Jewellery design competition for 14-18 year olds Helen Stout would be invited to judge. The prize might be £100 for the winner and £50 for the runner up. If you have any ideas, please let the Secretary know. This will be discussed at the club council meeting on the 6th of September.

3.     The next club council meeting will be on Monday 6th of September at the Seacote Hotel, St Bees. Tom is arranging it and will let us know nearer the time.

4.     Centenary:

1.     I have emailed RI to ask for a replacement charter. They have referred this request to the appropriate department and will get back to us. 

2.     Tape of the Club History.

This was made in 1963 and was sent to RC Medicine Hat, Alberta in March 1964. I have emailed them to ask for a copy. Donald Dixon made the recording, but it was not possible to make a copy at that time. He still has the tape recorder.



Member’s Announcements:

1.     Plaque for Rotary Garden.

David and Dorothy have sourced an acrylic, brass effect, maintenance free sign about the size of a brick. The cost is £40.00. This was unanimously agreed by those present.

2.     Photo competition. Mike announced that four members had made 11 entries. He would announce the winner at his forthcoming talk on Photography. The topic for next month’s competition will be “Street Photography”.

3.     The monthly bottle draw has recommenced.

4.     Tom Milburn is looking for subs. Please contact Tom to arrange payment.

Next week’s speaker: Donald Dixon

A.O.B.: None

Report on Absent Members:

Richard Carling. – report from Richard Stout. Richard C. is in hospital. He has become aggressive, and this needs careful management. It is unlikely that he will be able to attend future Rotary meetings.

Fellowship Officer:

The DFO recited a nonsense poem by Walter McCorisken.


Final toast: 20.38



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'What We Do' Main Pages:

Rotarians Tony Tait [Whitehaven Castle] and Ronnie Proudfoot [Whitehaven] renovating bollards which will be placed in the main promenade.

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.

Rotarians Alan Booth, Whitehaven Castle, Ian Watson, Whitehaven and Robin Leslie, Whitehaven Castle.

An update on this 3 year project to tidy up the harbour at Whitehaven and improve the environment. To date we have refurbished 21 metal bollards, 100 feet of metal railings and have cleaned signage and other metal furniture.


Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving: NORTH CUMBRIA FOOD BANK £1410 CALVERT TRUST £1270

David and Dorothy tending the garden

A small memorial garden in the grounds of St Nicholas' Garden, Whitehaven


A summary of our membership status.

President Tony Parker at the planting.

Together with our colleagues from the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle we planted 4,000 purple crocus corms at Whitehaven Harbour. We are hopeful that our 30+ year programme to rid the world of this disease is nearing its end. Thanks for your support.


This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


A summary of our membership status.

David Whitfield-Bott organising the raffle

Members of RC Whitehaven and friends raise £300 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by selling refreshments and raffle prizes at the Egremont Farmer's Market on Friday 15th October 2021


The Club has many sporting activities.