Club council meeting

Mon, Jul 26th 2021 at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

First council meeting ot the year

 CCM [Club Council Meeting]: 12PM on 26.7.21 at the Chase Hotel.

Those attending: Tony Parker [President], David Hope, John Kennedy, Anthony Payne, Ronnie Proudfoot, Mike Reid, Tom Stout.

Apologies: Tom Milburn, Dorothy Whitfield-Bott

Minutes of last meeting: Not read

Matters arising: None


Rotary Harbour Project: In general, the project is going well. There were problems with the sound transmission from the main meeting to Zoom participants. It is to be hoped that this will be corrected by using an external microphone. This will be tested at tomorrow’s meeting when two of our members hope to join by Zoom. The other problem was one of format; Lynn took the role of chairman CF: incoming President at club assembly. This only works if she is physically present in the room or if all participants are on Zoom. If she joins us in the same manner, then our club President needs to retain the role of Chairman with Lynn being akin to a guest speaker.

Painting Bollards: We have received a request from Lynn for volunteers to paint 4 bollards. After due discussion it was agreed that we would help. Tony will email Lynn.  A list for volunteers will be sent to members.

Vice President:

AC Payne: Anthony noted the high rate of Covid in Cumbria; twice the national average. Tony advised that the rate was falling, it affected mainly younger people and we have all been double vaccinated.  Ronnie advised members to look at the advice that has been circulated concerning risks and actions.  It was decided that we would continue with meetings as planned. Members will have the option to connect via Zoom.

JR Kennedy: John was concerned about the arrangements for speakers for rotary year 2-21-22. We discussed a club policy regarding speakers. It was decided that there would be one business meeting and one social activity meeting per month and that we would require two speakers per month.

Ideas for speakers included:

Speakers from the RGBI list – some 10 pages on the RGBI website

                Rotary films

                Member’s hobbies

                The club website


Some speakers charge for their presentation, and some ask for a charitable donation. It was agreed that we would pay a maximum of £50 per speaker.


1.       The secretary presented a paper which had been circulated to members about the cost of meals and menu choice. Various option were discussed including having just a mains and coffee and having no meal at all.  We needed to get the balance between value to us and fairness to the Chase. The committee agree to the negotiated menu i.e.


Soup and either main course or salad with coffee for £16 or

Soup and Sandwiches with coffee for £8.50.


Members who do not want a meal are advised to join the meeting at 7.45 PM.


Soup, sandwiches, and coffee for £ 8.50.

Members who do not wish a meal are advised to join the meeting at 12.40PM

It was agreed that members should pay individually for their meal preferably by card.

Members will be asked to pay £1 per month to the attendance officer’s fund for guests. This can be pain when signing- in to meetings. Ian will advise the club if the funds are not enough.

Tom Stout suggested that the £1 per month could be added to the annual sub; this will be considered.

2.       Work has begun to update the website. Meeting dates, meeting records, club activities etc will be entered. Photographs are encouraged. The club secretary will be working with the committee chairmen to ensure that committee plans, activities, achievements etc. are recorded in the appropriate section.

Treasurer:  No report.


Amount £

No 1

No 2

100 Club

COMVOC: John Kennedy.

1.       The McMillan Coffee morning in the autumn has been cancelled following a risk assessment at The Florence Arts Centre.  Other venues were discussed but were deemed unsuitable.

2.       Tree Planting: There are two projects under discussion:

A.      A joint programme with Whitehaven Castle – Christine McKay

B.      A tree planting to celebrate our club’s centenary perhaps in the shape of 100.  It is hoped that these will be native British trees. John is also discussing with Gordon the planting of a specimen tree e. g. Walnut with a suitable plaque in a public space locally.

3.       The club Handbook is being compiled. The diary log will be limited to main events.                                                                                                                                                                

Foundation: Mike Reid.

1.       The End Polio Now Christmas cards will shortly be on sale. This year’s theme is Santa Claus. A pack of 10 will cost £4.50 [£2.50 of this will go to End Polio]. Orders should be placed before the 16thof October.

2.       Summer Giving Tree Project. This is run by Kids Out and is a summer version of their Christmas event. Details have been emailed to members.

3.       Social evening: possible activities include Race Night, Games nights, Beetle drives, Chef of the month.

4.       Mike will attend the Foundation seminar I the autumn.

International:  Tom Stout.

Tom will be attending a ZOOM meeting in October to discuss a RFE with Sweeden. It is planned to visit Sweeden in 2022 and for the return to be in 2023 to coincide with our Centenary.

New Generations: No report. John Kennedy has contacted the District Youth Officer to ask if he can do a presentation to the club. Advice will be sought from Donald Brownrigg and Harry Harper.

Club Service: No activity to date.


Mike Reid:

Photo competition: This month’s competition ends on Saturday, so it is not too late to enter. You can use any device you wish.

Mike feels that we need to get out more e, g, walks, treasure hunts etc. If you have any ideas, please contact Mike.


In 1964 a tape recording of the history of our club was made by President PH Doughty. The was sent to RC Medicine Hatt. We will contact them to see if this recording still exists and try to get a copy. This will be an interesting artefact.

Meeting ended: 13.50

'What We Do' Main Pages:

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


A summary of our membership status.

David Whitfield-Bott organising the raffle

Members of RC Whitehaven and friends raise £300 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by selling refreshments and raffle prizes at the Egremont Farmer's Market on Friday 15th October 2021

Rotarians Tony Tait [Whitehaven Castle] and Ronnie Proudfoot [Whitehaven] renovating bollards which will be placed in the main promenade.

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.

Rotarians Alan Booth, Whitehaven Castle, Ian Watson, Whitehaven and Robin Leslie, Whitehaven Castle.

An update on this 3 year project to tidy up the harbour at Whitehaven and improve the environment. To date we have refurbished 21 metal bollards, 100 feet of metal railings and have cleaned signage and other metal furniture.


Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving: NORTH CUMBRIA FOOD BANK £1410 CALVERT TRUST £1270

David and Dorothy tending the garden

A small memorial garden in the grounds of St Nicholas' Garden, Whitehaven


A summary of our membership status.

President Tony Parker at the planting.

Together with our colleagues from the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle we planted 4,000 purple crocus corms at Whitehaven Harbour. We are hopeful that our 30+ year programme to rid the world of this disease is nearing its end. Thanks for your support.


The Club has many sporting activities.