Council Meeting

Mon, Sep 6th 2021 at 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Routine club council meeting.

Club Council Meeting: At 12 Noon on Monday 6th of September at the Seacote Hotel, St Bees.

Attendance: AJ Parker, AC Payne, JR Kennedy, R Proudfoot, T Milburn, DM Whitfield-Bott, D Whitfield-Bott [Non council member].

Apologies: D Hope, MB Reid, TF Stout.

Minutes of last meeting: These were red and accepted.

Matters arising: None


1.       President Tony reported on the official launch of the Harbour Project when DG Ian McTurk was in attendance. Unfortunately, the local press and media did not attend. He also reported on the cleaning of signs and painting of the railings. The joint meeting of both clubs on Thursday last was satisfactory. The minutes of that meeting will be circulated to members in a separate email.

2.       Tree planting. This matter was discussed at last Thursday’s meeting. Christine McKay has devised a plan which was forwarded to John Kennedy, Mike Reid, and Gordon Southward. This will also be forward to all members.

3.       Crocus planting. Tony outlined our club’s position. Crocus corms will be planted at the Harbour; we are responsible for half of these and will share the cost and the planting. We have no agreement about those for Cleator Moor, but individual members may wish to help with these.


Anthony Payne brought along a Tradecraft Brochure. Please contact him if you wish to purchase anything. This will benefit local enterprise.

John Kennedy produced a list of upcoming speakers:

7.9.21    Business

14.9.21 Matthew Willey, District Youth Team

21.9.21 Ian Hill

28.9.21  Music Quiz with Sally Kennedy

5.9.21    Joint meeting with Whitehaven Castle to further discuss the Harbour project. This may be changed as President Tony and others are away then. We may move this meeting to the 19th and move the speaker from the 19th to the 5th.

12.10.21 Using our Club website. Ronnie Proudfoot.

19.10.21 TBA. Possibilities are David Hope on Bell ringing or Geoff Hale on Youth Activities. See note above on 5th October.

26th October: Race Night or Beetle Drive.

Christmas dinner will be on 21st of December 2021.

VP John will be attending District Council meeting on the 15thof September and will precis anything important. Please note that all members will receive a full report in due course.


1.       The Harbour project is progressing well. The railings have been undercoated with red oxide paint. We are waiting on delivery of the black paint topcoat. Lynn Stalker is drawing up plans to number and grade the bollards and it is to be hoped that we can get on with these while the weather holds.

2.       Award to John and Sheila Dixon. This was proposed by Richard Stout. Unfortunately, neither fits the criteria for an official Rotary award but we hope to invite Sheila to club social occasions in the future.

3.       Richard Stout has been contacted by the British Legion about a remembrance wreath. Club council agreed that we should obtain a wreath for Remembrance Sunday, 14th of November. The usual cost is around £25. The club secretary will arrange this.

4.       Mary Bradley has asked council to encourage members to sign up for a My Rotary Account. This will allow members easy access to Rotary data, Brand Centre, Rotary Club Central etc. District is asking that 60% of the membership signs up. This was discussed and it was decided that members should decide for themselves whether they wish to sign up for this. The email from Mary will be sent to members.



Balance £





100 club


We have paid £300 to the Harbour Project. Possible further donations from individual members will be discussed at a club business meeting.

The district sub has been paid for a full year.

The second half of the RGBI sub, £350, will be paid in January.

We will ask Tom Stout [International] to see how to make donations to Afghan refugees.

COMVOC: See VP report.

Foundation: No report

International: No report

Youth: No report

Club Service: No report.

PP Dorothy Whitfield – Bott:

1.       We will be doing the catering at the Farmer’s Market in Egremont on the 15th of October. Help will be needed to bake, serve tables, was dishes etc.

2.       Some items from the hampers will be raffled at the next Race Night.

3.       There will be a new, larger, Rotary Garden plaque. Dorothy will propose the wording on it at the next club business meeting.

4.       Club centenary T shirts will be on sale from the start of Rotary Year 2022-23. These will feature a drawing of the Whitehaven Lighthouse, courtesy of David. The likely cost is £11-12 each.

5.       The Candlestick model. Discussions are ongoing with the Beacon about displaying it.

Our next club council meeting will be on Monday 1stNovember at 7PM at the Chase Hotel.

Meeting ended: 13.55


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This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


A summary of our membership status.

David Whitfield-Bott organising the raffle

Members of RC Whitehaven and friends raise £300 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by selling refreshments and raffle prizes at the Egremont Farmer's Market on Friday 15th October 2021

Rotarians Tony Tait [Whitehaven Castle] and Ronnie Proudfoot [Whitehaven] renovating bollards which will be placed in the main promenade.

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.

Rotarians Alan Booth, Whitehaven Castle, Ian Watson, Whitehaven and Robin Leslie, Whitehaven Castle.

An update on this 3 year project to tidy up the harbour at Whitehaven and improve the environment. To date we have refurbished 21 metal bollards, 100 feet of metal railings and have cleaned signage and other metal furniture.


Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving: NORTH CUMBRIA FOOD BANK £1410 CALVERT TRUST £1270

David and Dorothy tending the garden

A small memorial garden in the grounds of St Nicholas' Garden, Whitehaven


A summary of our membership status.

President Tony Parker at the planting.

Together with our colleagues from the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle we planted 4,000 purple crocus corms at Whitehaven Harbour. We are hopeful that our 30+ year programme to rid the world of this disease is nearing its end. Thanks for your support.


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