Lunch Time Meeting

Tue, Oct 12th 2021 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Rotary Club of Whitehaven Club meeting: 5.10.21 at 12.30PM

God grant that in partaking of this food we may be mindful of those who go hungry and so strengthen our purpose that by our daily deeds of service the day may be brought nearer when no one shall want for food or fellowship. Amen.

Speaker: None. Members will be attending Richard Carig’s funeral. Ronnie will speak to the club about our website later.

Vote of thanks: None

Number attending: IR Hill, D Hope, JR Kennedy, AJ Parker, R Proudfoot, MB Reid, TF Stout, F Todhunter, IL Watson.

Apologies: T Dalzell, DN Dixon, A Johnston, T Milburn, AC Payne, D Saxon, RA Stout, D Whitfield-Bott, DM Whitfield-Bott.

Hon. Members: D Brownrigg, I Southward, M Starkie

Birthdays: None

Guests: None

Visits to other clubs: None

President’s Announcements:

Arrangements for the funeral of PP Phil Beadle. This has been emailed to members.

Secretary’s Announcements:

World Polio Day. The Workington clubs are hosting an Asian themed lunch at 2PM on Sunday 24th October at the Carnegie Theatre, Workington. Cost £15PP. Please let Secretary Ronnie know by mid-day on Friday the 15th of October if you wish to attend.

Whitehaven Castle: The speaker at their meeting on Thursday 14th of October at 7PM will be Welma Robinson. She will talk about her life in S Africa. The choice of meal will be either main or salad for £12.00. Please contact Secretary Ronnie by mid-day on Wednesday 13th October if you wish to attend.

Member’s Announcements:

Mike Reid:

1.     Elly Day has contacted Mike and has asked if we wish to buy any of the new design tabards for both clubs with the logo Rotary in Action. President Tony proposed that we buy 6 at £8 each; this was carried unanimously.

2.     The Rotary Christmas cards have been ordered.

Dorothy Whitfield-Bott:

The Farmers market will take place on Friday between 9 and 12. David and Dorothy will be there at 8AM to set up. Members who wish to help on the day should attend at 8.30 AM.

Bakers are reminded to bring their cakes etc as early as possible.

The following have indicated that they may be able to help on the day:

Gil Burgess, Helen Bushby, John Bushby, Mike Reid, John Kennedy, Ronnie Proudfoot, David Hope.

Next week’s speaker: Business meeting with Whitehaven Castle club.


Report on Absent Members: None.

Fellowship Officer:

A letter from Stubby

It’s a date

Final toast: 13.23

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Rotarians Alan Booth, Whitehaven Castle, Ian Watson, Whitehaven and Robin Leslie, Whitehaven Castle.

An update on this 3 year project to tidy up the harbour at Whitehaven and improve the environment. To date we have refurbished 21 metal bollards, 100 feet of metal railings and have cleaned signage and other metal furniture.


Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving: NORTH CUMBRIA FOOD BANK £1410 CALVERT TRUST £1270

David and Dorothy tending the garden

A small memorial garden in the grounds of St Nicholas' Garden, Whitehaven


A summary of our membership status.

President Tony Parker at the planting.

Together with our colleagues from the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle we planted 4,000 purple crocus corms at Whitehaven Harbour. We are hopeful that our 30+ year programme to rid the world of this disease is nearing its end. Thanks for your support.


This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


A summary of our membership status.

David Whitfield-Bott organising the raffle

Members of RC Whitehaven and friends raise £300 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by selling refreshments and raffle prizes at the Egremont Farmer's Market on Friday 15th October 2021

Rotarians Tony Tait [Whitehaven Castle] and Ronnie Proudfoot [Whitehaven] renovating bollards which will be placed in the main promenade.

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


The Club has many sporting activities.