Actions during the Covid Lockdown

Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving:

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                                         Rotary Club of Whitehaven


2020-21 Presidential Report to the AGM on 6th April 2021

This year has been unique in the history of the Club.

Not only have the Presidential duties been shared between John Kennedy, Anthony Payne and Dorothy Whitfield Bott, but all meetings throughout the past year have been held via Zoom because of the COVID19 virus.

Government lockdown restrictions and the circumstances of our members (we are an ageing Club) have meant that many of our customary activities have had to be curtailed.

Despite this unprecedented situation, some 50 meetings have been held on a weekly basis since the previous AGM.  Overall attendance has been encouraging, (typically 12 – 16) and there is good rapport within the Club. Every effort has been made to ensure that welfare and fellowship is maintained with all members who choose not to participate in Zoom activities for whatever reason.

Weekly meetings have been chaired on a monthly basis by each of the three joint Presidents, and consultative meetings have also been held with the Secretary via Zoom prior to each changeover.

There has been an increase in the number of visits (virtual) made by members to other clubs and correspondingly this club has received more visitors.

Speakers - Advantage has been taken of Zoom’s facility to allow internet access to a wide range of speakers.  Thanks to the untiring efforts of our enterprising Secretary, presentations made at our meetings during the past 12 months include the following:

Rachel Holiday – “Calderwood House”

Trudy Harrison MP

*Club member David Hope –  Life in Vienna”

Judith Diment – “Polio”

Alan Bell – “Military Buildings in Cumbria”

*Club member Anthony Payne  “Visit to Thailand”

Steve Steele – “Guide Dogs”

*Club member Amy Johnston  Job talk”

Film    Lubek, Germany”

George Ritchie  “North to North 60 degrees”

John Miles – “Global Sight Solutions”

Patrick MaynardBlackburn Beacon Rotaract Club

AG Brian White – “Lockerbie Air Crash”                                                                    *Club member Anthony Payne –  “Safeguarding”                                                       Val Robinson - District Governor 2020/21                                                                                                   Mary Bradley “Wrap up Cumbria”                                                                                                      Audio podcast “Life & Times of Walter Tull”

Mary Frankland –  “India Club Foot”

Video – “Mary’s Meals”

Rotary Together Talk – “Food”

*Club member Anthony Payne –  “1921”     

            Rotary Film –  “Giuliana Receives Knighthood”

*Club member Amy Johnston  Rotaract Update”

Podcast (National Trust)  “Wordsworth Houses”

            Mike Storr –  “Masters of Mirth”

RSPB video Visitors to our Gardens (In celebration of International Women’s Week)

Rotary Together Talk – “Peace”

Fund raising – Lockdown restrictions and the need to maintain social distancing have prevented most of the originally planned events from being held e.g., Farmers Market, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Vintage Rally, supermarket bag packing, collection at Dunmail Park etc.

However, the traditional Christmas Teddy Bear raffle took place.

A new scheme was the poetry competition organised to raise funds for the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (after their rescue of a heavy St. Bernard dog {Daisy} from Scafell Pike). Entry fees, donations and sales of the anthology of various poems and limericks, raised around £200.

A steady source of funding income has been provided by the voluntary scheme introduced

after face-to-face meetings were discontinued, whereby members make a voluntary monthly donation of up to £5 for each meeting they would have normally attended i.e., a maximum of £20 per month.

The proceeds from our several virtual race evenings have gone towards Rotary Foundation.

Donations – Notwithstanding the above limitations, donations have been made towards the following:

Local Food Bank

Calvert Trust

Rotary Foundation

Mary’s Meals

Wasdale Mountain Rescue

Asthma UK

Shoe Box Appeal

India Club Foot?

Kids Out project?

Other Activities – This past year have been restricted to:

Planting of crocus corms around the Beacon in Whitehaven (End Polio Now Campaign)

Attending to the Rotary Memorial Garden in Whitehaven

Organising and Assisting with the LIARS Christmas Lunch

Members of the club are associated with a wide range of voluntary support activities which are listed on the Rotary Club Central website.


Presently we are an ageing club consisting of 20 active members with ages ranging from 65-94. By the end of this Rotary year there will only be three members under 70.

We also have one much younger Associate member who, with our full support, is working hard to establish a new local Rotaract Club.

In addition, we have four Honorary members, three of whom were previously active members but are now unable to continue due to health constraints.

With a limited catchment area, recruitment currently poses a major problem. The pragmatic policy we have been following is that we do what we can.

In the light of the above, rather than take on major projects we are more suited to support/participate in smaller but significant events in the local community.

John Kennedy

                                                                                                             (Joint President 2020-21)                                                                                                                                                  

'What We Do' Main Pages:

David Whitfield-Bott organising the raffle

Members of RC Whitehaven and friends raise £300 for Hospice at Home West Cumbria by selling refreshments and raffle prizes at the Egremont Farmer's Market on Friday 15th October 2021

Rotarians Tony Tait [Whitehaven Castle] and Ronnie Proudfoot [Whitehaven] renovating bollards which will be placed in the main promenade.

This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.

Rotarians Alan Booth, Whitehaven Castle, Ian Watson, Whitehaven and Robin Leslie, Whitehaven Castle.

An update on this 3 year project to tidy up the harbour at Whitehaven and improve the environment. To date we have refurbished 21 metal bollards, 100 feet of metal railings and have cleaned signage and other metal furniture.


Our activities were severely constrained during this period. However, we did maintain our giving: NORTH CUMBRIA FOOD BANK £1410 CALVERT TRUST £1270

The Candlestick model with David and Dorothy Whitfield-Bott and President Tony Parker. The model will be displayed at the Beacon, Whitehaven.

This is an oak model of the Candlestick which is a prominent chimney at Whitehaven Harbour. It was part of the mine ventilation system. The model is to 1 in 60 scale. It was commissioned by David and Dorothy Whitfield-Bott, RC Whitehaven.

David and Dorothy tending the garden

A small memorial garden in the grounds of St Nicholas' Garden, Whitehaven


A summary of our membership status.

President Tony Parker at the planting.

Together with our colleagues from the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle we planted 4,000 purple crocus corms at Whitehaven Harbour. We are hopeful that our 30+ year programme to rid the world of this disease is nearing its end. Thanks for your support.


This is a programme devised by our daughter club Whitehaven Castle; It is an example of Rotary in Action and has the strap line "Environmental Pride". The object is to tidy up the signs, bollards etc in Whitehaven Harbour.


The Club has many sporting activities.