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President Sam Parkin congratulates Tony Myers on becoming President Elect 15.7.2021

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We’re now well into the new Rotary year and that means the Club has a new President, one or two new members of the management team, and a bunch of new ideas for taking the Club forward into a (hopefully) largely post-pandemic world.

On 15th July, President Katy Harris handed over the Chain of Office to Sam Parkin for the 2021/22 year.  Since taking over in July last year, Katy’s term has been challenging but successful.  Club Members enjoy meeting face to face, normally over lunch, but the vast majority of 2020/21 meetings were virtual, via Zoom.  We also had to cancel all of our traditional events & activities – Christmas street collections, Donkey Derby, Kids Out and the ever-popular Music in the Park. 

Holding the Club together in the face of these setbacks wasn’t easy but was undoubtedly achieved and we have emerged in tact.  Inevitably, we lost a few Members over the year but gained several new ones, which is a great outcome in the circumstances.

Until recently, Sam was the Chair of our Membership Committee.  He has been influential in promoting new ideas & new directions for activities for the Club.  Although we are currently one of the larger clubs in our area, many initiatives are aimed at growing & diversifying the Club’s membership whilst others are targeted at developing new ways to offer support and assistance to the community in and around Farnborough.

If you’d like to see the members of the 2021/22 management team, please click on “More” in the Menu bar above followed by “The Club Team”.

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Farnborough Rotary Club investigate the possibilities of re-starting our Christmas Float as Covid-19 restrictions ease. Watch this space. Many Thanks .


A joint committee from Farnborough, Ash & Blackwater Valley & Rushmoor Rotary Clubs.