Oct 4th - Jack Spees - CEO of Ribble Rivers Trust

Mon, Oct 4th 2021 at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Jack will talk about some of his current projects and present how Rotary might get involved.

Extract from Ribble Rivers Trust website:-

Our catchment covers an area of over 750 square miles and contains more than 3479 miles (5,600 kilometres) of watercourses. As well as the Ribble we look after the Calder, Hodder, Darwen, and Douglas sub-catchment. This means that we not only look after all these rivers, but all the rivers, streams, and becks that flow into them.

Across this area is a really diverse and varied types of habitat, from farm land, to woodland, to cities and industrial areas. This variety of habitats means there is huge variety of fish, mammals and invertebrates that call this area their home.

In the past, industrial and agricultural pollution as well as water abstraction for drinking water and poor sewage treatment have caused severe habitat damage to the Ribble catchment, to such an extent that the wildlife supported by the river has been put under threat. The Trust was established to improve the water environments of the catchment, by restoring and protecting the river to make sure that current and future generations can enjoy the beauty of its wildlife and fauna.

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