Club Meeting Broomhall Chapel, Sound

Tue, Sep 7th 2021 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Norman Bourne talks about the Chapel and its redevelopment.
Desk John Meadows, VOT Michael Parrott

We held our first Face to Face Meeting, complete with lunch served by Carl and Pam at the recently  refurbished Broomhall and Sound Methodist Community Centre.

Fourteen members attended and the only thing missing was the Rotary Bell, and President Tony improvised with an oral tweet!

Following lunch Norman Bourne, who was responsible for managing the reconstruction of the Hall gave a brief review of the work carried out to modernise the hall, which originally had a narrow reception area and toilet facilities, these were demolished and two new meeting rooms were constructed in front of the church and new toilets and kitchen were built on the side to a high standard using a local architect and builder and using members of the church to assist. The Methodist Council and Cheshire East provided most of the funding along with many local generous donors, one provided all the chairs and another purchased the carpeting.

Several organisations are now using the facilities, providing a very useful amenity for Broomhall and Sound residents and the wider community.

Following Norman’s talk, Keith Ward produced a bottle of wine and organised a free raffle, which was won by Keith Burton.

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