Mentoring and Accountability

Safeguarding and Reporting


In order to safeguard all children, the project is open to 11 to 17 years old only as part of a group which has a teacher or youth leader present during all mentoring sessions. These sessions can be in person or through a digital medium. The size of groups may be limited if that is in the best interest of young people. Mentors for persons aged under 18 will join the PVG Scheme.

Mentoring for those who are 18 and over may be carried out on a one to one basis. However, the guidelines available separately should be followed. As well as appointing a mentor, the club will appoint another Rotary member whom the mentee may contact should they wish to discuss the mentor/mentee relationship.


The club will require recipients of grants to:

- Start project within one month after the award.
- Submit first
 report two months after the start of the project.
- Log frequency of meeting the mentor.
- Obtain receipts for amounts spent.

- Project Proposal and execution

What is being offered by the club?

How to Apply

We are grateful to Jannine Birtwistle of the Rotary Club of Guernsey and Shwetal Shah of the Rotaract eClub of Great Britain and Ireland on whose work this guidance is based.  
August 2021

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What is being offered by the club?

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