Our communities and schools will be involved in planting crocus corms to raise awareness for Rotary's Eradication Programme.

Get ready for World Polio Day

One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio

Celebrate World Polio Day and share our progress on the road to polio eradication with the global health experts who are our partners in this great venture.

Sunday 24th October is World Polio Day. Why that date? Because it is the birthday of the developer of the first polio vaccine, Jonas Salk.

More than 18 million people can walk today because of polio vaccines, and the past year has seen a further dramatic decline in wild polio cases with the last two cases more than six months ago.

This day we should be thinking particularly of the benefit of polio vaccination for children of the world. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the goal of ending polio has not yet been reached, and we still need your help and perseverance.

Above all we must redouble our efforts to raise the money necessary to finish the job, a process that begins by using every avenue to talk about the impact of the global campaign. Only this way will friends, neighbours, and government be reminded of the importance of what Rotary and its partners are doing.

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more Our local community groups and schools will again be planting crocus corms to raise awareness of our End Polio Now campaign (1 page below this)