Ron Sutherland: Jo Pawley - Eyemouth Club's links with Eyemouth High School

Thu, Oct 21st 2021 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Past District Governor Jo Pawley of Eyemouth visits to talk of her Club's work

On Thursday 21st Rotary Hawick welcomed Jo and Mick Pawley to the meeting, to talk about the relationship that they have built up between their Club at Eyemouth and Eyemouth High School. Also present were another two guests, Lisa Scott (Deputy Head at Hawick High School) and Jim McPherson from the Selkirk Club.

Jo went through a great number of projects that have been initiated between Eyemouth Rotary and Eyemouth High School, stressing that this has been a long term process and that it grew from small beginnings by running a Rotary Quiz for Primary pupils as part of new First Year Induction Days at the High School. Then followed a Young Technologist Competition facilitated by Rotary and run in the school by the Technology Department. This has blossomed into a yearly competition and the school now has a Green Racer car which is built then taken apart by one year-group and then put back together by the following year group. It is an almost full-size car and can be driven by adults.

Another Rotary initiative is to provide buses through contacts they have to take Secondary pupils to Edinburgh to visit Museums and other events. A Shared Reading project is also very popular, which involves Rotarians sitting with pupils who read books to them.

As time has passed the strength of this cooperative relationship has grown and the School now goes to Rotary for help when needed for projects that they are running and so the Rotary Club has become fully integrated in the running of the school, even to the extent of being interviewed during school inspections and staff selection. They have also been provided with their own office within the school.

This was a truly inspiring talk that has given the Club much food for thought in possible ways forward for our relationship with our own High School. Lisa Scott gave a very encouraging and positive response, which greatly encourages the Club for future engagement with the school so that there can be mutual benefit between us.

Vice President Jane Cox gave a vote of thanks to Jo, Mick, and to Lisa.

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