Tips for Safer Driving No.5

Eyesight for Driving

Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire is Nailsworth Rotary’s commitment to increase awareness around older drivers’ and vulnerable road users’ safety. 

This month’s tip for older drivers is Have a regular eyesight test, as failing eyesight is one of the main reasons drivers retire from driving. If you are over 60 you should take up your free bi-annual eye test and, when you renew your driving license at 70, you need to confirm you have had this test. The Older Driver Task Force Report currently with the Department for Transport recommends that this becomes a must.

The reason is that as one ages, even before you are 60, your peripheral vision starts to decline. Peripheral vision is essential for safe driving on rural roads. It’s what your eye might just catch as a motorbike comes around a bend when you are turning right onto a main road. That flicker of movement that could stop you completing the manoeuvre, thus avoiding a collision.

The complication is that not all opticians will carry out the binocular ‘Esterman’ visual field test unless you ask. The DVLA accredited optician Specsaver has only two branches in Gloucestershire that offers this service:

Specsavers Cheltenham 01242 224314 @ 206 High Street  

Specsavers Cirencester 01285 648610 @ 30 Cricklade Street

Others may have the equipment but there is no central register to confirm this.

Update on the new Highway Code: the printed version will be in the shops on 16th April, and is online now:

The next FREE Older Drivers Forum on Zoom will be on Saturday 9th April. Email to register to

Next month’s top tip for drivers is: Renewing your Licence at 70.

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