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June 2022 we set out our plans for the new Rotary Year. The community services committee once again decided to focus on the needs of our local communities and these plans have the full backing of the club. We have managed to secure a "matching grant" to help out Ukrainian guests and their hosting families and we have developed strong links with "hosting networks" who will identify any necessary help. We will continue to develop our newly formed community forum and hope to support Bingham Penguins, Bingham Audio magazine, Bingham Helping Hands, Riding for the disabled, 1st Responders, Tara's Angels, Air Ambulance.

July 2022 - We are listed with Vodafone as a charity authorised to provide SIM Cards for Ukrainian guests and the month started with a strong demand from both the Melton area and our own area. 

We received another request from Tara's Angels for a Ring Doorbell for a woman who has received death threats and continued verbal abuse from an ex-partner. We moved quickly and within a few days the doorbell had been fitted giving mother and daughter some reassurances.

Mid month we held our first committee meeting and agreed to send our donations to Trent 1st Responders and The Vale 1st Responders. From the club's Community Fund We agreed to support Bingham Bowling Club in the outdoor installation of their new defibrillator, which will ensure it's registered and available to all.

Planning started for a repeat of our "just giving stall" in partnership with Tara's Angels and The Friary. This will take place on Thursday 15  September 2922 under the Buttercross on Bingham Market. 

August 2022 - We were able to help Tara's Angels with the purchase of equipment for three new home starter boxes for families moving into independent living from a Refuge. We issued more Sim Cards to Ukrainian guests, payments, totalling £1250 were made to organisations as agreed in July and we supported The Friary from the project fund (established in 2021).

We had several requests to help Ukrainian families hosted locally and helped with the purchase of school shoes, and cycle lights to enable them to safely get to and from work.


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