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June 2022 - We received an update on the Sanitary Pad Making for adolescents in Bajura, Nepal - a project that we had sponsored last Rotary year and involved Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal in partnership with Rosie May Foundation. This supported two tailoring machines for adolescents in the Bajura district with the major aim to improve menstrual hygiene of adolescents and also provide income-generating activities.

 Progress on the pad making: Two adolescents, Mathura Rokaya and Srijana Saud, were selected for the pad-making training from Gaumul Rural Municipality and Badimalika Municipality Bajura respectively.

Sanitary pad-making training was provided to adolescents In Bajura and Ramechhhap at the local level. In Bajura along with training sewing machines, clothes, and other necessary equipment for production of sanitary pad was provided to two adolescent. 

After the training the adolescents started raising awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene and supported 84 sanitary pads to 42 members of the SAMVAD center.

They had set the price of each sanitary pad as Nepalese Rupees 35 and now, both adolescents have already made 166 sanitary pads out of which 57 were sold among the communities, 84 were distributed to SAMVAD centres and 25 are in stock. 

In total the adolescents have generated an income of Nepalese Rupees 1,960 from pad making. Additionally they are engaged in discussions on improving menstrual hygiene in their SAMVAD centre.  (This report was provided by SAHAS)

July 2022 - On Friday 15th July Adrian and his International Committee organised a 33 mile Charity Walk along the Grantham Canal.  The walk was a relay in 5 stages between 5 & 8 miles, the objective being to raise money for  END POLIO NOW, supporting the drive to eradicate Polio worldwide. Rotary is committed to raising $50 m each year to vaccinate 400 m children in 60 countries, some 2 billion doses. All money raised is matched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This initiative has been hugely successful for the past 40 years, and is now on the final stage to completely rid the world of Polio.

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