Community Raffle draw

Tue, Nov 22nd 2022 at 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Community raffle will be drawn by our guest speaker Tom Hart - coin dealing

The Community Raffle was drawn at the Tumbling Weir,  Ottery by our guest for the evening,  Tom Hart,  Mike Huxtable from Otter Valley Rotary,  and Martin Seymour from the SW Pennisular came to oversee the draw .


Over 40 organisations took part in the raffle and have raised £15000 for their clubs.

Each £1 ticket sold ensures 90 pence goes to the organisation, 

This years winners are:

£1000  C.Ashworth  from Manchester   - E club

£500     F.Letch         From Crediton  - Crditon twinning

£250     N.Lockley     from  Honiton - Honiton Busy Bees

£100     S.Hull           From Honiton  - Honiton Carers

£  50     A Moulding   from  Axminster  - ARC Axminster

£  50     Mrs E Martin from South Molton - E Club

£  50     P.Richardson from Sidmouth - Sidmouth


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