District 1040's 100th Rotary Conference Aireborough Style

Fri, Oct 7th 2022 at 2:00 pm- Wed, Oct 12th 2022 - 12:05 pm

The District celebrated 100 years of Rotary Conferences, Aireborough joined in but added its own original dimension

There was plenty to celebrate at Scarborough 2022 with long standing and more recent successes to be featured plus celebrities to be welcomed in the shape of Rory Bremner and Amanda Owen plus Annas, Nancy and Clemmie.

The Aireborough contingent started early with places in an extensive informative one day Showcase. Aireborough members took it in turns to man the Aquabox stand taking time out to sell Yorkits as well and there was an organising Aireborough presence on the Inner Wheel stand.

In the Main Hall there was plenty to be proud of beginning with work still to be done in Eradicating Polio, support for people with Motor Neurone Disease, a Paul Harris Fellowship for the RNLI plus the addition to the fleet at Filey of The Rotarian, a look back at the still being supported Yorkshire School in Sri Lanka, Kids Out to look forward to and Penelope Milner developing Rotaract at University of Leeds. 

Keith Davison described the work of the Bradford Peace Centre and there was a lengthy standing ovation for Katerina Mashchenko from the Ukraine who will join this year's class. There were few dry eyes in the house as she showed pictures of her hometown Mariupol as it was and then pictured as she left it travelling through 16 Russian checkpoints en route to the United Kingdom.

As usual back at the Red Lea 10 Rotarians, 3 Inner Wheel members and 3 brave partners took part both enthusiastically and riotously in the evening's entertainment a Murder Mystery Play planned and directed by President John  as the Inspector. Everyone dressed for their part with Monty Carlo causing much confusion on his entrance, Nick Blagger complete with tattoo and spliff. Who murdered Max Liter in a vat of red wine proved beyond the skills of the whole cast with Phillipa Delphia living to fight another day.

The accomplished cast included:

Demi Liter Wife of Max Liter Janet Appleton              Cary Dover Swiss Bank Manager Freda Irving

Nick Blagger Retired rock star Brian Whitham           Phillipa Delphia Local Cheese maker Morag Davies

Jean(ne) Le Carre Pat Mirfield Retired Foreign Office Minister     Monty Carlo Racing car driver Bill Kerr 

Lady Bla Bla Celebrity singer and actress Janet Kerr           Ivor Sixpack Rugby Player Graham Davies

Dr Karafe Bulgarian Wine blender Robert Mirfield        Jilly Goodblend Oenophile Sally Mohan

Honor Platter Local deli owner  Mitzi Whitham          Daisy Chain Student and part time cleaner Susan Kitching

Sunday morning we gathered on the beach for the annual Jakethon with 54 dogs passed and Bill Kerr claiming the prize with a guess of 48. Amount raised around £165, well done Sally, Jake and the enthusiastic leapers! follow later.

Pictures also include Amanda Own at a book signing. She did offer a selfie but photographer took the easy way out. She gave no clues about the next series but was happier to discuss Raven getting a first in bio-science at York University and having an article in Lancet. Reuben has now set up his own company and recently renovated an excavator and sold it for £2000.

A good time was had but next year's Conference will be regularly discussed

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Tuesday meeting 12.00 for 12.30 finishing at 14.00

more Speaker Lisa Morton, Senior Fundraising Manager, SNAPS (Special Needs and Parent Support)vote of thanks Robert Mirfield Apologies to Alyson Wort who will also handle cash desk, Peter Long reception and grace

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