Zac Mudford Golfer

Brit Valley Rotary were pleased to help Zac Mudford progress in his sporting career.

                                         Zac’s Golfing Update.
I would like to start my update with a special thank you to everyone who has 
supported me over the last year. Your good luck wishes, your moral support 
and your donations have been overwhelming. 

I have spent a lot of the year travelling across the country, competing in a 
range of England events, Dorset events and club events. 

My golf and experiences have great this year! From shooting low scores, 
learning new techniques, meeting other competitors and being part of a 
team is a great way for me to learn as a golfer. 

This year’s golfing season may be coming to an end but for me, this is when I
get back to the drills. I am very grateful to have once again gained a place in 
the SOUITH WEST ENGLAND SQUAD, where I will make a monthly 
weekend trip to Cumberwell park for training and guidance. On the other 
weekends my training will take place at Broadstone golf club. Playing for the 
county under 18 side is great fun and I’m hoping I will soon be able to play 
some first team matches. 

After Christmas I then get to plough through the golfing calendar to see 
where my golf will take me in 2023.

I will be using the last of my funds raised this year to cover fuel and 
accommodation costs over the winter for my training and hope to be able to 
raise some more money to help support entries and accommodation for the 
season of 2023.

Thank you again.

Zac Mudford

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Brit Valley Rotary were pleased to help Zac Mudford progress in his sporting career.


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Thursday 23rd August 2018