LDP Chartered Accountants draws a prize

Graham Parker, of LDP Chartered Accountants, draws the day’s winning numbers.

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Press release                                                                                    13 December, 2022


Graham Parker, of LDP Chartered Accountants, draws the day’s winning numbers.

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Graham sent his congratulations to Kenilworth Rotary on selling all 3000 Advent Calendars and called it “A fantastic idea for Advent”.

“It was a lot of work,” he said, “But really appreciated by all of us who supported the project.”

LDP Chartered Accountants sponsored the costs of producing the Calendars to the tune of £250, all of which will flow through to the local Kenilworth charities Rotary is aiming to help.


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Some of the sponsors of last year’s Kenilworth Advent Calendar.  From left to right:  Sue Porter and Alison Boothroyd of Boothroyds Estate Agents,  Damian Plant of Damian Plant Solicitors and Andy Wood of Hertz Electrical Contractors.

Sponsors at the Presentation of 2022 Advent Calendar Funds to Local Charities

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Brian Emmerson, of Emmerson Press, draws another day’s winning numbers.
Emmerson Press was our bedrock.  They donated the Calendars’ printing costs and so much more!

Emerson - The Patron Printer

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Gabrielle of the Orangerie picks more winners

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Phil Sylvester makes the draw outside his business in Talisman Square

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Katie Evans

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Tom of The Treehouse Bookshop draws the winning numbers.

The Treehouse Bookshop draws the winning numbers.

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Mayor Draws First Advent Calendar Numbers

First Day's Numbers of Advent Calendar Drawn

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Judy of Kenilworth Books

Judy of Kenilworth Books draws winners.

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Rotary 2022 Advent Calendar Unclaimed Prizes

back When asked if they would like to help and support local charities by donating prizes for the Kenilworth Advent Calendar, businesses in Oaks Precinct were not backwards in coming forward.