In Focus

Tue, Feb 21st 2023 at 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Talk from Sue Serret



The President welcomed our Speaker Sue Serrat and guest Emma Bradshaw Smth to the meeting.


Paul Thurgate advised that the Defibrillator we helped provide at the cricket club in Ottery had been used twice over the Christmas period, potentially saving 2 lives.


Sue gave a very interesting talk on Infocus, who provide Specialist services for young people with visual impairment and complex needs. 80 young people attend the College every year, they offer supported living in 3 houses, have residential students and 12 day students, they also offer respite care.


The College want all young people to live their best life, through education, interventions to support vision impairment, mobility, and habilitation training, They offer a number of therapies including aqua therapy, employability support, help with Braille, also dedicated nursing and healthcare,


Some children have life limiting illnesses, the College ensures they fill their life in the best possible way.


They rent 12 acres of land just off the A30 near West Hill, they offer a forestry school for under 5’s and are hoping to hold wild weekends.


The College receives 85% of its funding from the Government the rest has to be raised through fundraising events and charity shops. A charity shop is opening in Ottery soon, so clear out your cupboards and donate the stuff to them.


Sue invited the members for a visit with a cream tea which we will try to organise soon.

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