Max Barnish

Tue, Mar 7th 2023 at 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

New ways or Rotary , an insight

This evening we were pleased to welcome Emma Bradshaw -Smith, our guest speaker Max Barnish and international visitors via zoom.

In introducing Max, David Roberts referred to the great service Max gave the Club ,as President ,in leading us through the dark times of Covid.

Max gave us fascinating  insights into his Rotary journey so far, firstly in Cranbrook then in Ottery and now at the London Rotary Passport Club, LRPC.


 Max was frustrated that RI rules prevent dual Rotary membership ,thus he could not stay as a member of OVRC but  Max has been keen to retain his important connection with us, which we appreciate and value.

Max still guides us in relation to connections with the ever growing community of Cranbrook.


We were fascinated by the imaginative way the Passport club operates across the World thriving on its collaboration and joint projects. Max invited  ideas for the future. He is next years' Projects (effectively community) chair for LRPC. He  hopes that LRPC or representatives thereof can visit us next year. It would need to be an event on a  Friday or weekend .


We valued learning that listening in online were

1) LRPC President João Martins,                                2) President Elect and Public Image Chair Kim Kortlepel

3) President Nominee-Nominee (yes really!) and Public Image team member Mihaela Enasoae,

and 4)Club member Charlotte Bezdikian

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