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From our own correspondent:
The project to build the fuel-efficient cooker at Mwowe School is finally complete. 

The cement needed to cure for 7 days before it could be used, but the cooker is in place.
Not included in the original quote were the aluminium pots to fit into the cooking chambers. These have now been purchased. 

Two faulty doors to the kitchen were also purchased and fitted whilst keeing within budget.
The total cost of the whole programme was Tsh2.377million (£1=3200Tsh) about £843.
After discussion, it was agreed that the budget surplus (£157) should be used to fund two places at the vocational college. 


Callington Rotary gratefully acknowledge the contribution from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) towards this project.

TRF is  Rotary's own charity, managed by volunteers on behalf of Rotary Clubs all over the world.
Its running costs are minimal (unlike other charities). 

Each year funds are released to support projects carried out by individual clubs.
Strict criteria, including effective financia management, local project oversight and reporting, must be met in order to receive funding.

You can find out more about TRF here ...

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