Yellowmen update

Wed, Apr 5th 2023 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Eddie McCall gave an update on the Yellowmen and their work in Kenya


At the regular meeting on Wednesday 5th April 2023, Eddie McCall updated the club on the work, and achievements of the group so far.

The latest project is in the mountains and as the MBARA Project has been fortunate to obtain a substantial Global Grant from TRF.

The grant is to be used to equip the maternity unit and clinic; to put in place a WASH programme, and to initiate an overarching Health Education Plan for the region. This is a very exciting project that has caused much interest, enthusiasm, and support from local government officials as well as from the local people who have adopted the project as their own.

The construction of the clinic is not included in the grant so fund raising has continued to be a major part of the Yellowmen activity. Additionally, to maintain the great work already achieved in clinics and schools across West Pokot in the region of £10,000 a year is needed.

Detailed update

A team from the Yellowmen, Senlac Rotary’s own charity, visited the West Pokot area in northwest Kenya earlier this year as part of a programme that has been going on for 23 years. During this period the Yellowmen have undertaken construction projects for schools and clinics, equipping them, providing sanitation and advising on hygiene and education amongst other things. The Yellowmen leader, Eddie McCall, updated the club on 5th April about the latest project being undertaken in the mountain village of Mbara.

The aim of this four-year project is to significantly raise the standard of health provision in the  building and equipping  a maternity hospital and clinic. The project also  aims to provide a clean water supply, not only to the clinic and maternity unit but also to the four schools in the catchment area, at the same time ensuring that schools have adequate handwashing, shower and toilet facilities.. 

The Mbara Clinic and Maternity Facility is now complete and the next visit in May 2023 will concentrate on furnishing and equipping the buildings. Despite this, within the first month 36 babies were delivered.

Eddie said,  “The Regional Governor, Right Honourable Simon Kachapin, as well as local chiefs and local people have really taken the project on board and have offered a great deal of support.”  Just before the Yellowmen returned to the UK, the Governor and his whole Cabinet, plus dozens of representatives from local clinics elsewhere in West Pokot and hundreds of locals came for the grand opening of the new facility. In his speech, the Governor noted the dedication and support that the Yellowmen had given to the medical facilities and schools of the Sekerr region.

Eddie continued,” During the past month, the Kenyan Yellowmen have continued work constructing a piped water connection to the Moruny School and the construction of 6 long drop toilets. This will bring the school up to the minimum standard required  for its inclusion in the new Yellowmen healthcare programme. During the next visit to West Pokot planned for May 2023, the Education Team will concentrate on training teachers and medics who are part of the healthcare delivery team.”

The Mbara project has been fortunate enough to obtain a substantial grant from the Rotary International Foundation to develop the programme of health education that flows from the provision of the new clinic and maternity unit. However the construction of the clinic is not included in the grant so fund raising has continued to be a major part of the Yellowmen’s activities.

Eddie reported that, “The annual spend by the Yellowmen on projects in Kenya over the past 23 years has averaged at £10,000 per year and this does not include the payment by individual Yellowmen of their flights and subsistence costs whilst part of a team.”

Eddie concluded by handing out certificates of appreciation from the Kenyan Regional Governor  to Senlac Yellowmen  in recognition of  the  23 year programme in support of the people of West Pokot.

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