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Learn more on a full stomach

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In 2017 Tanzania’s Government decreed that schools could no longer provide school lunches.

Hunger drastically impacts the way children learn. It’s not just the distraction caused by feeling hungry, it turns out hunger also affects how well our brain works. A healthy brain uses 20% of the body’s energy, and energy comes from food. That means that hunger starves the brain.1

Callington Rotary agreed to provide seed and fertilizer to enable the school to grow its own food.

After the field has been prepared, children and teachers plant maize as the main crop ... and later add beans to grow in between the maize.

No space is wasted.

The growing crop is tended by the students.

Maize is left on the plant until it is dry (unlike in the UK).

It is harvested, removed from the cob and transported into the school in sacks.

A grain hopper is used to store the maize until it is needed.

When required the maize is ground into flour, mixed with water and cooked to make ‘Ugali’ a close relative of porridge. It has an 'interesting' flavour!


Lyasikika students send their thanks.



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