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Ashtead Rotary began online fundraising in 2021 when Covid brought our club’s normal fundraising activities to a halt.  We have raised around £25,000 for various causes and programs over the last two years.  We maintain an active presence on Facebook and also use email to maintain contact with donors and supporters.  Our efforts to date have been to respond to international disasters and our focus has been on directly supporting high impact projects offered by specialist organizations and local Rotary Clubs which do not have the fundraising clout of major international charities.  We operate entirely with volunteers so 100% of funds raised from fundraising platforms (net only of platform and card processing fees) is channeled to good causes 

Our online campaigns over the last two years have included –

·         Beirut / Post disaster – our donation supported a specialist team managing building safety during the rescue and stabilization efforts

·         Afghan evacuation – fund supported supplies given to newly arrived refugees in 2021; since then we have supported local charities in Ashtead Area providing support to refugees.

·         Ukraine war crisis – our efforts have supported sending clothing and generators to Ukraine, language training and job seeking support for refugees in our local area.

·         Turkey earthquake disaster – we have a small fund raised through a Club grant and online fundraising which is being donated to SARAID, a specialist charity which supported rescue efforts in the weeks after the earthquake and advises on supporting the safe demolition of building damaged by earthquakes.

·         Funds raised supported the restoration of a local (Ashtead) park bench. 


Current fundraising (March 2023)


This campaign is raising funds for Ukrainian refugees living in the Ashtead Area as well as for reconstruction and humanitarian aid projects in Ukraine.

To find out more about this campaign follow this link –



A key focus of our international efforts has been to support training and development focused on vocational training.  Ashtead Rotary sponsored a Zimbabwean pharmacist in achieving her qualification and in 2023 we are sponsoring the training of a technician treating limb deformity in Pemba, Tanzania.

To find out more about this campaign follow this link –



This is a new fund set up as part of an effort in conjunction with Rotary Club of Riebeek Valley (Western Cape), to support non-government organizations in South Africa working to support rural families.  Projects include operating community centres, running after-school programmes, and promoting healthy lifestyles amongst rural communities.

To find out more about this campaign follow this link -





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Our Online Campaigns

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